Greenelimo — The First Zero Emissions Limousine Fleet In Denmark — CleanTechnica Interview

Jesper Berggreen Jesper had his perspective on the realm improved vastly after having attended basic school in rural Africa in the early 1980s. And while educated a pc programmer and laboratory technician, working with computer systems and lab robots at the institute of forensic medication in Aarhus, Denmark, he never forgets what life is like having not anything. Thus it became apparent for him that technological advancement is essential for the prosperity of all humankind, sharing this one vessel we call planet earth. However, era needs to be smart, clean, sustainable, widely accessible, and democratic that allows you to change the realm for the better.

Writing about clean energy, electric transportation, energy poverty, and associated issues, he gets the message through to anyone who wants to know better. Jesper is founder of Lifelike. dk and a long run investor in Tesla, Ørsted, and Vestas.

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