Google My Business: Complete Guide, How to Register, and Verification

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Google My Business: Complete Guide, How to Register, and Verification

Google My Business Complete Guide How to Register and Verification

Maybe when you are looking for a business on Google, you will detail the business on the right side. For business owners, maybe you are wondering how your business can appear in that part. The answer: Google My Business or Google My Business.

With Google’s development, a business now not only has to ensure that they appear on the first page and get the first ranking on Google. Google itself has prepared a product called Google My business to help businesses get more visibility on the search results page.

In this article, we will discuss what Google is my business, why do you have to use google my business, and how to register and verify it.

What is Google my business?

Google My business or maybe better known as Google My Business is a tool provided by Google to help businesses get profiles displays for free on the search results page (SERP).

Listening will appear when people look for business names or choose a place on Google Maps.

Google My business can help you create and update this entry so that prospective customers can find it easily.

Benefits of Google My Business

There are several reasons why you need to use Google my business as part of online marketing:

1. Develop a free business for free

Google My business is a free tool from Google. Besides, Google My business can help you improve the online presence and get more income. Of course, there are many things you have to optimize before getting good results.

One of the most important steps you need to do is fill out a business profile as complete as possible. Google explains that “local businesses are the most relevant results in each search, and a business page that has complete profiles and accurate information will be easier to display in the right search.”

2. Help customers find business

With Google my business, you can provide information on the right business location, complete and accurate on Google Maps. This feature certainly makes it easier for your customers to find a way to your business. This feature is very useful for businesses that require direct interactions with customers such as restaurants, supermarkets, bookstores, workshops, or hospitals.

3. Increase visibility in search engines

When you are looking for a place or destination with a specific category on Google, for example, restaurants, bookstores, building shops, and so on, you will be given a visibility panel on the bag that contains existing businesses in the category.

Usually, this panel consists of 3 local businesses and their information. The contents of this panel come from the Google My Business entry. With a complete and optimized Google business profile, this panel can help your business to appear on the right search.

With a complete Google My Business Profile, customers can view telephone numbers, opening hours, websites, and some other important information that is very useful when they want to visit or contact your business.

4. Providing important information about business

Google My business is a container to provide important information about your business to customers. The following is the information they have displayed on the Google My Business page:

  • Opening hours
  • Rush hour
  • Route to business
  • Location photo
  • The ‘Call Now’ and ‘Website’ button on mobile devices
  • Short business description

5. Communicate with customers

With Google my business, you can also use other Google products, Google Hangout. Google Hangout allows you to communicate with ten to fifteen customers at the same time.

6. Get insights about customers

When you use Google my business, you will find the “Insights” tab that will provide complete data websites for your business. You can customize what data you want to monitor.

  • Visibility shows the number of views obtained by profiles, posts, and photos on your Google business.
  • Engagement shows how your visitors or customers interact with posts on your Google Business page.
  • The audience shows the demographic visitor who follows your account on Google my business. This section shows the age, gender, and country of origin of your account visitors.

By knowing more about your audience, you can increase your customer’s involvement and sales.

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7. Getting to Know Website Traffic and Business Customers

Google My business has integration with Google Analytics that allows you to connect these two tools.

Insight on Google My business is more focused on the traffic obtained by my business account. With integration to Google Analytics, you will be able to access more detailed and in-depth reports about your website traffic.

8. Improve Engagement

Customers who have visited stores, restaurants, or businesses can leave reviews and ratings on your Google Business page.

This interaction will improve the quality of your profession by marking the Google search engine that your business is still active.

More and more customers who leave good reviews, of course, will improve your business reputation on the Google page. The number of reviews and quality of good reviews is one of the determining factors before new customers visit your business.

9. Respond to reviews quickly

You can respond to all reviews written by customers quickly and openly on Google My business.

By responding to reviews, other customers will see that you think of their opinions about your business. So, don’t be afraid to respond to bad reviews, because by responding to customer complaints, you show that your business will continue to grow better.

How to register Google my business

Here you will learn how to register Google my business. To start, you need a Google account.

You can use a Personal Gmail account to set Google’s Google profile. But more ideal you have an email with your business domain using the G-Suite business products.

  • Sign in to a Google account, then visit the Google My Business page, and click the Start button.
  • Fill in the business name.
  • Fill in the business address accurately and correctly.
  • Choice of shipping area
  • Choose the location of your business on Google Maps.
  • Choose the Bisni category and fill in the business contact information
  • Verify your Google Business account.

The next thing you have to do is verify your ownership or relationship with the business that has just been registered. You can choose from several verification methods:

  • Postcard
  • Office telephone
  • E-mail
  • Website ownership
  • Party Verification

But among the 5 verification methods, only the postal code method can be used by all businesses. Other verification methods require several prerequisites from Google that must be fulfilled. Therefore, the best way is to verify using a postcard.

How to verify Google my business with a postcard

Verification with postcards is one method that can be used by all types of businesses. This postcard from Google will be sent within 12 days.

It’s good if you don’t change your business address information during the verification period. After the postcard arrives, here are the steps you must follow:

  • Enter my Google Business account
  • Select the Manage Location option
  • Click the Enter Code button
  • Enter the verification code
  • Select Submit

If you have not received a postcard in 12 days or removes the postcard that has been sent, you can request a new verification code and repeat the steps above.

After entering the verification code, you will receive a notification that your business profile has been verified.

Then you will see the panel containing the details of your confirmed business. You also have to confirm that you have the right to regulate the registered business and agree to the terms and conditions.

What if my Google business profile has been verified by someone else?

This is one of the problems that often occur when someone creates my Google business profile. There are several ways to deal with it:

  • Check whether your list of ever verification.
  • Contact the profile owner to request access.
  • Ask for access to the profile to Google.

The first two ways are quite easy, and you can do it yourself. But if you have to contact Google to request access, here is a way that can be followed:

  • Find Your Business on Google
  • After finding a business profile, Google will request Admin access
  • Answer all verification questions correctly
  • Google will contact the current profile owner, and ask it to contact you
  • If your request is verified, you will receive management access to your business profile.
  • If the request is rejected, you may still be in Google’s verification process.
  • Contact Google My business again if there is no news in one week.
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Complete my Google Business profile

After verification, we suggest you optimize your Google Business profile. Here are some things that must be considered:

Business Information

After you get access to the dashboard, make sure that all the basic information about your business is available. This business information will appear on the search results page for your business profile.

In addition to basic information such as names, websites, telephone numbers, and addresses, you can also include some additional information such as operational time, link to create an appointment, payment details, and photos.

Google Post.

From the Google business dashboard, you can make posts in the form of photos, videos, and text up to 300 words. These posts work like Facebook or Twitter status.

You can use this to promote events, discounts, or other content concerning your business.

Photo location business

Adding photos to the profile of your business will help users get a picture of your business better.

Many businesses underestimate the use of photos in building a business reputation. Business with photos on the search results page gets 35% more clicks than a business without photos.

In addition to a business profile photo, you can upload a selected photo that will be displayed on my Google Business profile page.

Apart from the photos uploaded by the owner, customers can also leave reviews with photos. So make sure the service and condition of your store are always neat, huh!

Organize reviews on Google My business

As a business owner, you must be aware that reviews are one of the important things in building a good reputation and adding customers.

Google includes features on Google my business that allows customers to leave reviews about your efforts.

When your shop, office, or restaurant appears on the search results page, this review will appear as part of the information aired.

Every customer review is very meaningful, so don’t forget to respond to all the reviews, including bad reviews.

Make sure you respond to negative reviews properly and give a message that your business will get better at solving the problems that exist in the review.

Operational hour

The operational time of a business is often used by customers to determine when they will visit. So, make sure you enter this information on my business page my business to help customer data ng at the right time.


You should also provide information about the facilities offered by your business. Details of facilities for each business category are different. For restaurants, registered facilities can be in the form of the availability of payment methods, dine-in, takeaway, & delivery. As for hotels and lodging, the types of facilities may be in the form of baths, breakfast, gym, swimming pool, and so on.

So, make sure you have added information about the facilities available in your business, huh!


If you have a restaurant or cafe, you can also add a menu to be displayed as a photo. The availability of the menu on the Google My Business page will certainly make it easier for customers to determine their orders before coming.


That’s information about what you need to do to create a page on Google my business. As one of the best tools for building a business presence, it is unfortunate if you don’t use Google my business.

In this digital era, almost all activities can be done online, including finding information about shops, businesses, offices, hotels, and other locations around us. To build a trusted Google business profile, you certainly need to add a website to your efforts, right?

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