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A: Interesting query!I think I got most of my law school angst out with my actual therapist, who was really awesome and helped me reframe the demanding situations of law school as something I could chose, or not chose, to flip out about. She was completely life changing, and I encourage anyone who’s struggling with law school stress, or some other aspect of your life, to take potential of the pupil health amenities at your school. You almost definitely get free remedy classes, and it’s a very good thing to take competencies of. You’ll learn all kinds of useful coping skills, which you’ll be able to employ across your life as a lawyer trust me, you’ll have loads of alternatives to observe. Even if it’s scary to name and make that first appointment, you’ll be glad you did.

As for the blog, there are a few posts that were a little bit healing, I believe. The post I was most reluctant to submit, and held on to for weeks before I put it available, was about getting a cold offer from a law firm. Some edition of this story happens all the time at law firms, but it’s anything no one ever talks about. Ultimately, I posted it for a few purposes. One, simply to let people know that this does happen, and that it will probably happen to them, even supposing they’ve got great credentials, and worked hard, and have always been successful.

Two, to expose that, if this type of thing does happen to you, it’s not the end of the area. Your life will go on, your career will go on, and you’re not a complete failure just because one certain law firm doesn’t want to hire you. And, ultimately, I posted it because I could. In the tip, it was cathartic to observe that I could tell this story, that’s customarily shrouded in secrecy, and nothing bad would happen. At that point, the adventure lost any power over me.

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