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One was combating spam in search results. There were a lot of sites that were just without doubt spam in Google at the time, but they seemed pretty easy to determine. Another was crowdsourced data. I found myself going to Wikipedia and IMDB a lot, sites that used crowdsourced data, where you only get solutions.

The third leg was that I went to this stained glass class, where they handed out a list of links that were one of the best places to go for additional info on stained glass construction. They didn’t match the Google search results. So I started 1/3 project about getting the links out of folks’s heads, to find out where the best stuff was. Yeah, we don’t feel attached to that scene. I’m not actually from here, apparently enough. My wife and I picked here in combination to go to as a result of we thought it’d be a good place to elevate a family and for other, deeper purposes that don’t make sense to people outside the US.

I think anyone in the same place in Silicon Valley would have raised a ton extra money a ton in advance. But that hasn’t been our focus. And also, just look at how we’ve got 75% remote employees. That’s a very non Silicon Valley thing to do. Normally you hire the best engineers so that you can out of Ivy League colleges and produce them multi functional place so that you may get them in the company. But if you examine the deals that Silver Spring closed in 2012, and the quantity it billed its utility customers for, it really had an honest year last year.

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The agency recorded billings of $219 million for the nine months ended Sept 30, 2012, up from $183 million for an identical period of 2011. Billings are how much Silver Spring invoiced its customers, and they are regarded deferred revenue until they can be officially counted as income. It had its maximum gross margin yet on those billings of 34 percent. The agency has a complete of $473 million in deferred income as of the nine months ended September 30, 2012, and about $60 million in cash for an identical period.