Google Adsense and how to make your account request be accepted

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Google Adsense and how to make your account request be accepted

Google Adsense and how to make your account request be accepted

Google Adsense is one of the easiest and trusted ways in raising money for publishers by sharing knowledge and experience in writing. Since Google Adsense supports Indonesian language websites in 2012, many of the writers and blog owners who and manifest their blogs or sites that they have to participate in Google’s Pay Per Click (PPC) program.

Along with the increasing number of Google AdSense applications, Google will gradually tighten the requirements so that an account is accepted. At present, Google will never randomly and carelessly receive a Google Adsense account. Exhaust your empty expectations that manage a blog or site unprofessionally accepted by the Google Adsense account. Because statistics say that Google only receives 3 accounts of the 1000 Google AdSense applications proposed. Here we present the way so that the Google Adsense account is accepted, although not an instant Google AdSense account is acceptable, is very large percentage of your Google AdSense account opportunities accepted. Uniqueness, selling value of a site, and the originality level of a website or blog is a very crucial requirement to be accepted by Google AdSense.

So that your Google Adsense application is accepted, pay attention to your minimum post/article

If you use WordPress, make sure that your website or blog at least has 40 quality articles, good content, and free of plagiarism or copy-paste from a blog or another site is an absolute requirement of your Google Adsense account accepted. Request the words in the article and adjust the relevance of the image displayed with the article content. At least in each article, there are 2000 words in it, of course, articles for articles on your blog must be stunning and making loyal readers of your articles reluctant to move from your website or blog, even become loyal visitors to your website or blog, always Looking forward to the latest article posts, or become your website subscriber or blog.

But if you use HTML, make sure your website has 50 pages, whether it’s in the form of articles or a landing page. Make sure you understand this simple first step. Don’t let Google reject your application because your website or blog that you manage still lacks articles or content. The more content or quality articles with the appropriate image in the article contained on your website or blog, the more likely your Google Adsense account is accepted.

Pay attention to the age limit of the website or blog

For those of you who want to apply for a Google Adsense application for the website or blog that you have, pay attention to the age of a website or blog. The minimum age for your website or blog must be 6 months, and the website visitor or blog must be stable. Google is very concerned about the number of visitors, the age of the website, page view, number of articles or content, and other factors.

Pay attention to website articles or blogs

Google is very close attention to each content contained in an article. Statistics show that your website or blog will be quickly accepted by the Google Adsense account if you have many quality articles about health, internet marketing, business, law, travel, technology, entrepreneurship, lifestyle, and social media. Don’t let on your website or blog there is content containing things that are very strictly forbidden by Google. Your application will be rejected if there is content that is strictly prohibited by Google.

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Clean your website or blog from THIRD AD Party or Program

Before talking a lot about submission of the application so that the Google AdSense account is accepted, you must ensure that your website or blog must be clean of various Third Party Ad or Programs, Google is very strictly filtering every Government Adsense made by the publishers. They will be manually one by one visiting every website or blog that submits a Google AdSense application, and they (Google) hate every website or blog that allows the THIRD AD Party or programs displayed in it. Prove that your website or blog that you manage is clean and free from THIRD AD Party or Program. Make sure there are only quality articles and widgets commonly used.

Mandatory pages

Google wants to know the clear identity of any website publisher or blog that submits a Google Adsense application, Google wants to ensure that the publisher that applies has the same identity as those on the website or blog. Therefore, make sure that there are the following pages on your website or blog.

  • Privacy Policy
  • Policy Disclaimer
  • Terms of Usage
  • contact us
  • About Us.

Especially for the About Us page, make sure that you write the same identity with the Google AdSense application submission form, such as the name, full address, and active email that you usually use, because as we have explained in previous important points, that Google is very strict Filtering any entry submission, do not let you neglect or forget the little thing, impact on the rejection of the application of the Google Adsense website or blog application. Also complete the ABOUT US page for the reason why you manage the website or blog, and what benefits are obtained by your website or blog visitors. Explain in detail, make sure everything has been corrected well. The better you make the content found on this page, the greater the hope of your Google Adsense account is accepted.

Website Design and User Experience

Google always wants to provide maximum service for its users, for this reason, Google always tries to give or refer the best website or blog to its users. A pleasant experience surfing in cyberspace is something that Google wants to manifest. Therefore, make sure your website or blog, has a good, simple, but stunning design. Also, make sure that the website or blog that you manage has good navigation. User Experience is very influential on the accepted or not a Google AdSense account application.

Again, make sure that your website or blog has a good design, or you can buy a template and apply it to your website or blog, of course, you must pay attention to the application of the template. Don’t let the template you buy interfere with performance, access speed, and navigating your website or blog.

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Google Analytics Code.

Entering or adding Google Analytics Code is one of the factors that can make your Google AdSense application submit accepted. This is quite reasonable because Google Analytics Code can monitor the number of visitors contained in your website or blog. If you care about the number of your visitors, it can be interpreted that you are serious about managing a website or blog, and this is an added value that can affect Google’s assessment results. This little thing will sometimes escape the observation of the publishers.

Domain and email ID

Google can also see the sincerity and seriousness of the publisher of websites or blogs from the website domain or blog, to your email ID. Do not let the reluctance of pouring funds whose value is relatively small with the potential you will get when your Google AdSense account is received makes you fail in the assessment stage carried out by Google. Invest a little fund you have to buy the domain you like while getting an email ID ([email protected]). Don’t depend on the free domain or email ID that you can make in Gmail / Yahoomail.

Your seriousness in managing a website or blog is very clearly visible from the domain and email. It’s very unfortunate if the content and quality articles on your website or blog are in vain just because you are reluctant to spend little funds to buy a domain.

However, if you want to use a domain or free hosting, and want your Google Adsense to account to be accepted, then you should use is a free blog platform provided by Google. This is a separate advantage for publishers who have been using it because so far Google has always provided an opportunity for users to monetize their blog through the Google Adsense program. If you do not want to manage a blog or website and manage articles regularly, there are still other ways to become a Google AdSense publisher, namely through Of course, you must have some original video content uploaded to This uploaded video must have a pretty number of views so that it can be accepted in the Google AdSense program.

Many of the publishers have a huge income from this Google Pay Per Click program. Pay close attention to all the simple steps contained in the Google Adsense article and how to make this accepted account, understand and practice. Hopefully, the passion to write you out in the form of websites and blogs can provide commensurate income.

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