Google Adsense Account Approval Process

I am facing problem on my AdSense account Approving Process since last 5 Months. Whenever I sign in to my AdSense account at the moment I always see a message says, “Your AdSense program continues to be under review. You will only see blank ads until your account has been either fully accepted or disapproved. ” I saw above message since last 5 Months. I have opened my AdSense account attached with my YouTube channel named “MannGmahadik” on Apr 17, 2017.

at that time I got the e-mail from AdSense says, “Your AdSense account has been fully accepted. ” but as of now I am facing this approval challenge. I am sending messages to AdSense Help Center but they haven’t solved and and not spoke back to my questions. My writer id is – pub 7149939966913716. Is here anybody can help me, what to do for solve this challenge.

please help I will be very Thankful to you.

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