Googland: Highlights from this week’s Google CPG Industry Newsletter

1. Think Quarterly: At Google, we aim to help people and businesses navigate a global gone electronic. That’s why we created Think Quarterly. We don’t want to review what’s came about; we want to organize you for what happens next. For each issue, we tap our homegrown visionaries, plus heads of industry, innovators and experts, to lend their insights and outlooks on the digital future.

We hope it gives a view into what drives us as a company and inspires those of you who lead the way. We hope you locate the content enticing and insightful. Included are insights from Dennis Woodside on his vision for our industry, as well as SVP of Advertising, Susan Wojcicki’s Eight Principles for Innovation. Think Quarterly is very much an test, and like every other Google product we aim to iterate, so please let me know what you watched.