Getting to Know What Display Advertising is in the Online World

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Getting to Know What Display Advertising is in the Online World
Getting to Know What Display Advertising is in the Online World 2

Getting to Know What Display Advertising is in the Online World

What is display advertising? All internet users must have seen this form of advertising. It’s just maybe not yet familiar with the term advertising display. Have you ever seen a car ad banner when reading your favorite news sites from a laptop? That’s an example of display advertising, which is displaying image ads on websites visited by potential customers. In a simple definition Display Advertising is a form of advertising that displays visual objects such as text, logos, photos, images and even videos. Banner advertisements on your favorite websites are examples of display advertising in the online world. Although there are forms of offline advertising display such as banners and billboards, what is discussed here is an online form of advertising display.

How Does Display Advertising Work?

There are 3 main components in advertising display in the online world. First is the ad that you want to display, usually in the form of banners of various sizes. Second is the placement or place where the ad will be installed. Placement is usually in the form of a website, or a mobile application. The third component is the Targeting Method as a link between advertising and placement. The way display advertising works is quite simple, you only need to create an ad before it is finally displayed on websites based on the targeting criteria that you specify.

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How to get started with Display Advertising

There are many ways to start display advertising. The simplest form is to contact the website manager and ask him to want to put your ad. For example, if you sell baby products, look for websites or blogs that discuss parenting, then contact the owner to advertise. Trouble and takes a long time? Yes indeed, but the good news is that you can use a Display Ads Network provider company so that it’s easier and faster. One of the Display Ads Network providers is Froggy Ads. You can advertise on Froggy Ads simply by determining the form of targeting then the ad will be distributed to many websites at once according to the targeting criteria.

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Now you know what Display Advertising is in the online world. Generally Display Advertising has always been part of a new product marketing strategy on the internet. Of course, combined with other website promotion methods. You can also use the advertising display service from Froggy Ads which has been proven to help many businesses of advertisers.