Getting started with Push notification ads

Unlike Pops campaigns, which only show your ad on the sites you target, Push ads aren’t really associated with actual sites. Push ads can appear even if a browser isn’t open!While that you could pause sites within a Push crusade, these sites are truly where the user originally opted into receiving Push ads, and they’re typically shown as alphanumeric identifiers rather than the positioning itself. To track Push campaign data in 1/3 party tracker, you’d append monitoring macros to your artistic URL like you would on Pops. Some macros are exclusive to a specific campaign type, so be certain you’re using the correct Push suitable macros to your URLs. NOTE: Because your URL passes data to your tracker, impact data won’t track outside of RTX Platform reporting.

Learn more about monitoring Push functionality in third party trackers. Apply recommended bids. To permit you to get gold standard volume without overspending, we exhibit a Suggested Default Bid for your ad group settings, as well as advised bids for channels that are more competitive. Before adjusting ad group default bids or applying custom bids to precise sites, apps, and/or channels, give your campaign time to collect enough data to determine if and the way you want to optimize bids.