Getting bombarded by scam calls? You’re not alone. FTC Consumer Information

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I try not to answer if I don’t respect the number. However, when I am anticipating a call from say a worker and do not know their number, I need to answer the phone. Pain in the neck these scammers!I am constantly going into my cellphone provider online page AND my home phone issuer and blockading calls. The challenge here is my cellphone issuer doesn’t allow me to dam greater than 5 calls and my home phone provider doesn’t allow me to block more than 10 calls. Also, they are just blocked for a few months and can start over again.

I do trust that the BIG phone agencies can do something about this. I do know that if you are looking to block more numbers, you can still have to go into an alternative plan and be charged that’s a shame to me!Just greed!Received same call today 12/19/19 about my SS number is being compromised at the Texas to boot. The phone numbers are various. Since here’s holiday season, I think, it may be alert from my bank card I did acquired it before and pick up the phone. The major distractions was that it was very hard understand the explanation of call and what they want. They are spock very fast with specific accent.

It was two separate calls. Second appears like from the “boss” and he is signify himself as investigator who is will provide some guidelines to me what should done to prove my identity. He did warn me do not contact with anybody until the end of “verifications” manner and I can’t hang up my phone otherwise I could be arrested. I must stay on phone with him. Then he warn me about call from local police branch that ought to contact with me now.

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After few minutes I got the call from my local police station. I recognized my area code later I called to that number. It is the local police station. The “policemen” told me that he got the call from SS office and he aware of my problem and I need follow the “boss” instructions. Then I should go to the Target and wait other instructions.

After that, the “boss” told me to get two gift cards from the Target and put on every one $2000. Totally $4000. That’s was very suspicious for me. Who is buying a gift cards from Target for $2000?!I turned off my phone and went to that police station from where I bought a call and report about the SS number scam call this morning. They told me that’s last week any other person has been a victim of successful scam target in our city. The police knowledgeable me that I am not a victim until the actual theft of money.

Thanks God, I didn’t lose anything else except my time and health. Just to allow you to know called Medicare purchaser service 2 days ago a couple of suspicious medical bill turns out it was legal robbery, not illegal theft, and within hours the cellphone the call was made up of began being barraged by undesirable calls. The calls were i. d. ‘d as likey spam one of the time, others not. Some out of state exchanges, others within state.

Most of them are leaving voice messages, that is a new twist on scammer calls. These messages are either garbled or incomplete, of course designed to spark the mark us by tweaking our curiosity, to name them back. This is after weeks of comparative relief from these calls, after systematically blocking off each. Were down to one every couple of days in this . Now suddenly up to 4 6 a day again in this phone, swiftly. We wonder if it’s a accident, or, did Blue Cross customer carrier get hacked?Nothing you wish to do, as we are not about to fall for it.

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We don’t even directly answer these creeps, and don’t care if we miss a few legit calls in the effort to shield ourselves from criminals. Just concept y’all need to bear in mind that this could be occurring. These medical insurance customer carrier outfits are likely seat of the pants private contractors found God knows where, with little to no cybersecurity.