Get To Know The Types Of Ads And Examples

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Get To Know The Types Of Ads And Examples

Get To Know The Types Of Ads And Examples

Ads can be classified into several types, so you need to know about these types of ads. Ads can be categorized according to media, product types, and so on. There is no simple methodology for distinguishing different types of advertisements. The existence of advertising is very important because it is a good way to improve the quality and quantity of a company / organization.

The greatest product or service in the world will not make money unless the consumer knows that the product exists. When talking about advertising, you must remember that there are many different approaches. Advertising provides a direct line of communication to existing and potential customers about your product or service.

Definition of advertisement

Advertising is a promotional activity that aims to sell or inform products or services to the target audience. This is one of the oldest forms of marketing that seeks to influence consumers to buy, sell or do something specific. Using customized messages, advertisements can be niche (small target audience) or general (large target audience).

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Advertising is much older than most other marketing activities such as email marketing and search engine marketing. Because the internet has become the norm, advertising has been divided into two areas: traditional advertising and digital advertising. Advertising not only overcomes the fact that these products exist.

But advertising also helps give companies a certain brand reputation in terms of the products or services they offer. Without using paid advertising, it will be very difficult to achieve certain goals, because the ads are like embedding high-quality brands in the minds of consumers. So, advertising is different from other types of marketing because it is paid for.

This is also because advertisers have total control over content and messages. Advertising is a method that is guaranteed to reach consumers. With compelling advertising and spending enough to reach many users, advertising can have a direct impact on business. This effect can be seen in increasing trade or increasing brand recognition.

Types of Ad Types

Here are some types of advertisements and examples:

1. Based on contents

The advertising option that works best for you will depend on your needs and what is the most effective way to reach as many consumers / targets as possible. The types of ads based on their contents, namely:

Advertising notifications / announcements

Examples of types of notification / announcement advertisements are:

  • Seminar advertisement
  • Grief news advertising
  • Auction ad
  • Great reunion ad
  • Job advertisement

Public service Advertisement

Examples of types of public service announcements are:

  • Advertising danger of smoking
  • Advertising saves electricity
  • Drug abuse advertisements

Offer / commerce ad

  • Product advertisements (clothing advertisements, cellphone advertisements, bag advertisements, shoe advertisements, etc.)
  • Service advertisement (Courier service advertisement, Tailor service advertisement, massage service advertisement, etc.)

2. Based on the internet

Ads that are based / sourced from the internet are included in the category of types of online advertising. Being on the internet can be a cost-effective way to attract new customers. You can reach a global audience at low cost. Many customers research online businesses before deciding who to buy from. A well-designed website can attract customers to buy your product. There are a number of ways to be able to promote your business online through paid advertising or to increase your search engine ranking.

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Another way to advertise your business online is to promote your product or service on social media sites, blogs and search engines and other websites that your customers visit.

3. By purpose

The following types of ads are based on their purpose:

Commercial advertising

This is also referred to as business advertising. As the name suggests these advertisements are solely intended to influence sales increases. Examples of commercial advertisements are:

  • Industrial advertising – this is only used to sell industrial products.
  • Trade ads – ads related to trade.
  • Professional advertising – conducted by professional people such as doctors, accountants, etc.
  • Agricultural advertisements – used to sell agricultural products such as fertilizers, insecticides, agricultural equipment, etc.

Non-commercial advertising

These are usually issued by charities and are preferred to ask for general and financial assistance (eg collecting donations or selling tickets).

Company advertising

It identifies client strengths and highlights them in the right way. By choosing the right media, it makes a client’s corporate identity shine. Everything that an ad agency does for clients, from strategy to creative concepts and to media planning, meets the client’s fundamental needs to be recognized by his target audience according to the company’s choice.

Advertising has evolved into a very complex form of communication with thousands of different ways for businesses to convey messages to consumers. Advertisers currently have a variety of choices and types of advertisements available to them.