Get To Know The Terms Often Used In Online Business

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Get To Know The Terms Often Used In Online Business

Get To Know The Terms Often Used In Online Business

One of the earliest steps you must take when entering the online business world is to understand terms that are often used. Maybe now you are familiar with terms like reseller, shipping, COD, restock, and so on. However, it is undeniable that you might encounter unfamiliar terms such as online presence, CTA, remarketing, and so on.

Although it looks trivial, but this could be a barrier to the smooth running of your business. Here are some terms that are rarely used in online business.

Online Presence

Online presence or online presence in a variety of efforts used to show the existence of your business on the internet that will all lead to your website. The point is, without a website, the audience will not know where to visit or look for you on the internet. If your online presence is good enough, then your website traffic will also increase. Here are some tips for increasing online presence:

  • Build a website with content that suits the target audience
  • Make sure the website has a good user interface, so the audience will linger on your website, while increasing their trust in your business
  • Distribute useful content consistently
  • Integrate the website with other social media

Call-to-Action (CTA)

CTAs are words in an advertisement whose purpose is to encourage the audience to take a particular action or take action. Such actions include, for example, visiting a website, buying a product or service, subscribing, becoming a member, and so on.

A good CTA is one that can create urgency so that the audience immediately clicks on your ad, or it can also be words that make you curious, so the audience will find out more about your product.

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In online business, the conversion is a condition when your marketing process successfully invites your target audience to make a purchase. That said, the conversion is the stage after the CTA is carried out.


Audiences who visit your website through CTA, are those who do have an interest in your product. However, this condition does not necessarily make them make a purchase. Therefore, you need to do the following to increase conversion rates.

  • Optimizing website navigation
  • Integrate websites with payment gateways
  • Speed ​​up website loading
  • Display testimonials from your consumers
  • Optimizing social media for marketing
  • Maintain the quality of the products you sell


Remarketing is the process of inviting your customers to make repeat purchases. Remarketing can also be defined as a digital advertising feature that allows you to display advertisements to those who have previously known the product and visited your website.

When someone visits your website, two possibilities may occur, namely the audience is studying and interested in your product, or the audience is comparing your product with competitors’ products.

Thus, your job here is to convince the audience to choose your product through the remarketing process.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliation is the process of marketing someone else’s product, instead you will get a commission if you get someone else to make a purchase. Marketing this model is the same as a broker or intermediary, only online. All you need to do is promote as attractive as possible, so that your target audience is interested and finally make a purchase through your link.

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