Get to know the term field marketing in the business world

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Get to know the term field marketing in the business world

Get to know the term field marketing in the business world

Field marketing (FM) is the execution of marketing knowledge at the outlet level. Where the person who represents the brand will deal directly with consumers or customers. In some companies, field marketing includes distribution and sales team coordination. While in other companies FM is synonymous with street promotions.

In the past, merchandisers and SPGs only functioned to support the distribution and sales of products at outlets. So that the placement often does not consider many factors and seems more haphazard. However, currently FM is more oriented towards data mining. So, SPGs are not only tasked with offering products, but they are also tasked with gathering consumer insights through interviews with consumers. Meanwhile, merchandisers are not only in charge of tidying up the products on display. But also plays a role in monitoring and identifying product availability and product displays of competitors.

Functions and Responsibilities of Field Marketing

Following are the functions and responsibilities of an FM that you need to know:

  • Build customer confidence in the performance of the company or store and the quality of the goods sold.
  • Guess the needs of customers and help customers to choose items that match what they want.
  • Answering customer questions and serving complaints from customers well.
  • Informing the quality of goods to how to care for customers.
  • Implementing clerk service standards as best as possible.
  • Responsible for achieving maximum work productivity.
  • Responsible for achieving sales targets.
  • Can maintain the level of shrinkage (number of lost goods).
  • Able to make preventive efforts to overcome fire hazards.
  • Be able to provide correct information to customers wisely.
  • Able to keep the sales and merchandise area clean.
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Important Role of Field Marketing for Business

An effective field marketing is not only to attract visitors to come. But it can also educate and attract visitors to buy the products that are being offered. An FM represents a brand image, so the company should be more selective in choosing an FM. Choose the FM character that can represent the image of a product or company.

To get field marketing, companies can find themselves or use a field marketing service provider or SPG. If you use an SPG service provider, the company will get a lot of benefits. One of them saves time compared to looking for yourself. For example, if your company is located in Bandung, but you want to participate in events or exhibitions in Jakarta, you can use SPG services in Jakarta or vice versa.

In general, an FM is considered a “door opener” to attract consumers directly. FM has the opportunity to explain the product so that consumers can find out information related to the product. Even if the consumer is interested, he will buy it right away.

Tips for Getting the Best Field Marketing

There are several requirements in the form of capabilities that must be met by FM. If you want to get the best field of marketing, at least you have to look for candidates who have the following abilities:

  • Have a good performance. Performance is a physical display that can be sensed using sight. In this perspective, performance can also illustrate the nature of a person. This trait can be measured by outlook appearance (physical appearance) and choice of clothing.
  • Have a good communication style. FM absolutely must have good communication, to create interaction with consumers. This communication can be measured from the style of speech and how to communicate. The measurement of this communication style will be returned to the consumer because it can be subjective.
  • Have a good body language. Body language is more directed at physical movements (gentle, graceful, etc.). Gestures when offering products and physical touch (body touch) are descriptions of this body language.
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If you have fulfilled the three elements above, the FM you recruit may be able to create a good perception of the product. That’s some information about field marketing that you need to know. For your business to grow, don’t forget to advertise through the Froggy Ads service, you can start by advertising your products so that later you can increase visitors on your online business portal. Froggy Ads is an online advertising service that can help you control all your product campaigns. helps you target your desired marketing target and provides you with multiple options for marketing your product.