Get to know the concept of marketing 4.0 and how it works

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Get to know the concept of marketing 4.0 and how it works

Get to know the concept of marketing 4.0 and how it works
Kotler Marketing 4.0

Marketing 4.0 is the newest approach to marketing that refers to consumer behavior patterns in the digital era known as the 5A framework (Aware, Appeal, Ask, Act, and Advocate). The 5A framework exists to replace the previous framework, namely 4A (Awareness, Attitude, Act, and Act Again.

Before things became as fully connected as they are now (the average company still uses the 4A framework), the marketing channels a company uses can significantly influence consumer purchasing decisions. But now, the 4A framework is considered less relevant, and must evolve to adapt.

In this era of connectivity, consumers tend to be more connected to their peers, and often ask for opinions when buying something. Besides, consumers also rely heavily on online ratings and reviews of a product. So, the number of opinions, reviews, positive or negative recommendations that are on the internet will strengthen or weaken the appeal of a product.

From Marketing 1.0 to Marketing 4.0

According to Kotler, the author of Marketing 4.0, marketing has developed from being product-oriented (Marketing 1.0), then customer-oriented (Marketing 2.0), and human-oriented (Marketing 3.0).

In the Marketing 1.0 era, companies focused more on how to sell as many products as possible, without thinking too much about the perceptions of consumers.

In the next stage (Marketing 2.0) the company sells products while touching the hearts of its consumers. In stage 2.0, the company seeks to build an emotional bond with consumers. But again, this method is considered obsolete because it considers consumers as passive individuals.

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In the Marketing 3.0 era, consumers were no longer considered passive objects. Consumers are human beings who have reason, can think, have dreams, and hopes. Companies are not only marketing products, but also must have a vision, mission, and values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are in line with their consumers.

Along with technological developments, Marketing 4.0 has emerged which provides new ways for companies to approach consumers. Supported by increasingly sophisticated technology and big data analysis, companies can reach consumers more humanely. Companies are increasingly recognizing who their customers are, and the interaction between companies and consumers becomes something very personal.

From “Aware” to “Advocate”

In addition to guiding how to understand an increasingly dynamic market, Marketing 4.0 also provides many new insights that marketers need to consider. One of them is the online and offline paradox.

Everything has gone online, but that doesn’t mean you can just ignore the offline world. Physical touch remains an important aspect for consumers.

Look at Amazon, they opened a physical store. Not only that, while online media were displacing print media, Amazon’s boss bought The Washington Post.

People can easily read news online, but they still watch the news on television to verify the truth of the news or to see in-depth coverage.

Likewise the marketplace, they are one of the reasons for the number of offline outlets that have closed, but they (Tokopedia, Shopee, Bukalapak) still spend a lot of money advertising on conventional media (TV).

The end is, Marketing 4.0 not only makes consumers recognize products from a brand (aware), likes (appeal), finds out about the product (ask), decides to buy (act), but also makes repeated purchases and recommends the product to people. others (advocate).

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