Get to know the brand positioning strategy in business development

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Get to know the brand positioning strategy in business development

Get to know the brand positioning strategy in business development

Get to know the brand positioning strategy in business development

When you want to build a business many people who forget one small thing, brand positioning or product placement.

When someone already has capital, tools, and workers to run their business, but this is not complete if you don’t think about the placement of the product. Actually what is brand positioning? And what is the effect in the business world? Next is the discussion.

Understanding brand positioning.

Brand positioning or product placement is to design a product and make its marketing strategy. With the aim that the product can make consumers remember the impression of the product.

So that consumers can understand and appreciate the purpose of the company when creating the product. It also aims to make consumers easily remember the product.

Brand positioning strategy to develop business

After knowing the understanding, now is a discussion about the strategy. The strategy so that the placement of this product is successful by taking into account some very important things.

These things must be considered so that the brand positioning that is done can succeed and attract the interests of consumers later. The following will be discussed completely related to product positioning strategies.

1. Pay attention to the product name

Even though it sounds trivial but the name of a product greatly affects its sales. By looking for a unique and easy memorized name, the product will be easily remembered by consumers.

But do not use the word that is not pleasant to be heard to be used as a product name, on the grounds that it seems unique. Because consumers will feel uncomfortable with this and will not buy it.

Look for the product name according to the characteristics of the product. It also aims to make products increasingly known and remembered by consumers.

2. Pay attention to product attributes

Product attributes here more refer to packaging. For example coffee is ready to drink or packaging drinks, this coffee is different from coffee which is usually drunk by people while working on assignments. This coffee packaging is designed to be more practical to be taken as a travel friend.

So created a different impression like the example above, between coffee with coffee packaging (bottle, carton, or glass). This is what makes a product be remembered by consumers, even though they are both coffee but the time or moment to drink it differently.

3. Product prices

This is also the main thing that must be considered. Surely many competing products sell a product with the same material. As for the example of a lot of noodles or biscuits on the market, it also seems sometimes not much different.

This is where the company must think hard so that the product can be superior compared to competing products. One of them is by determining the price of the product. The company must see and examine the prices of competing products.

If you want to make the product the product cheaper that will be the advantage. But if you want to make the price of the product from competing products, then look for the things that can be seeded from the product. Like for example the use of better materials or other better things.

4. Pay attention to product benefits

Associate products with certain benefits, although in essence have the same function as other products. For example DeterGen X states that the detergent is able to remove stains without rubbing.

While the Detergent Y also states the same thing, but with the addition of benefits in it. Like not making the user’s hand dry or rough. Even though the two products have the same function.

But by adding small things like an example, it can make many consumers be interested in our products. By adding small benefits in the products to be sold, it can make many consumers more interested and remembered the product.

5. Products according to users

This strategy usually requires public figure or figure to describe the benefits of the product. Apartments for facial beauty products, by advertising their products using beautiful models and have good skin. Usually the company will choose the ambassador brand that can bring the image image properly.

Thus will more and more consumers believe and be interested in claims from the product. Especially if it is true between the benefits that are claimed by the results, the more consumers will be interested in buying the product.

6. Products according to competitors

This strategy is carried out by the company using its competing products. They will make taglines from each of their products. Like for example A face cream can brighten it in 7 days, and other products will claim if the face cream can enlighten in just 3 days.

It is a choice of consumers wanting to choose which product. Thus consumers can compare products related to their respective claims. Consumers can also prove themselves between one product with other products. It is also quite effective for interesting consumers.

7. Product category

A product has a position as a leader in the product category. This business strategy is done by surprising one product, even though the company has several types or variants of other products.

For example a recreational park that says if the recreature park is not only a playground. But also as a place to increase education. So that consumers will always remember, if you want to play while adding educational can go to the recreational park.

Such is an example of categorizing a product. By doing this will further make it easier for consumers in remembering the products to be sold. That was the things that must be considered when wanting to make a brand positioning.

By paying attention to these things placement of products to remember consumers can succeed. So the product has its own impression and characteristics in the eyes of consumers.

Benefits of Brand Positioning.

As mentioned above, if the placement of this product is done with the aim of creating an impression on consumers. With the placement of this product as well as a place to promote the products to consumers.

So that consumers will be directly familiar and do not hesitate to buy products sold. By conducting product placement continuously, the product will be increasingly known to the community.

And can increase the sale of these products. Product placement can be done when you want to launch the product on the market, so that consumers will immediately know the product when they see it on the market.

By conducting this strategy can accelerate the widespread business. It is expected that more and more people know and use this strategy in running their business.

So that business can develop rapidly and become successful in the future. Brand positioning can not only be done by large companies, but the MSMEs can also use this strategy to run their business.

That was the discussion about brand positioning strategies in business development. Indeed, there are not many people who know about the placement of this business, if there are many people who know it, the business done will be easier and smooth.

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