Get to know PPC Ad Types Closer

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Get to know PPC Ad Types Closer

Get to know PPC Ad Types Closer

In this increasingly sophisticated era, all the information you can find without having to come to the source of the hassle. Yes, the way is by looking at some electronic media, one of which is using Google Search. Surely you’ve seen the Google search results with the Ads sign in front of it right?

Actually the sign is an advertisement that comes from various types of digital marketing or PPC. To find out these ads, of course you must know first about what PPC is. Well, PPC or what can be called Pay Per Click is a type of digital marketing where a business pays every time the ad is clicked.

PPC can also be said as a way to buy visits and not bring website traffic organically. So, before entering into the world of PPC, it’s good you do a simple calculation first how much the budget and the right calculation to be allocated in paid ads. For more explanation about what PPC is, let’s see the review below.

Type of Mainstream PPC Ad

Now that you know what PPC is, now is the time for you to get to know more about this ad. There are various kinds of PPC ads that can be used. Here is a complete review:

Search Advertising

Well, this ad is one of the most well-known types of PPC. You must have seen it often on the search engine result page. For example like on Google or Bing. If you are looking for something on Google, sometimes on the start page there is a small “Ad” logo located at the beginning of the title.

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The sign is an icon of an ad that when clicked on, the advertiser will only pay the cost of the display ad (pay-per-click advertising). This type can also be regarded as one type of PPC that can generate website traffic quickly.

For those of you who want to do advertising search on Google, use Google’s advertising product, Google Ads. Thus, you can more easily get website traffic.

Social Advertising

This ad usually appears on several social media applications such as Facebook or Instagram. Although it is often said to be social media marketing, it is actually still part of PPC. The way it works is the same as other advertisements. Yes, you will pay when someone clicks on the link.

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Well, advertisements that use remarketing usually appear on a website or social media feed. This advertisement is also considered as the most effective PPC. This is because this advertising strategy targets people who are already interested in your brand, website or business.

This remarketing is reminding visitors, so visitors who have already entered your website will always be reminded to return to the website and make transactions. Of course the activation of this feature requires a special tracking installation, but take it easy, this way is not difficult to learn and can work effectively.

Display Advertising

By using this advertising display your ad will be shown on all of these ad network partner websites, for example the Froggy Ads ad network. In addition, you can also choose or target who will be the advertising audience to be more targeted. By using this method you will not spend much time and money.

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So, the remaining time you can use for other purposes that are more important. While the remaining costs can be used for other things. This advertising display also offers ad types in the form of text and images. It is intended that the ads you post can look more attractive.