Get to know Native Advertising, Ad Trend in 2020

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Get to know Native Advertising Ad Trend in 2020
Get to know Native Advertising, Ad Trend in 2020

Get to know Native Advertising, Ad Trend in 2020

What is Native Advertising or better known as Native Ads, and what are the advantages compared to other types of digital advertising?

Along with the development of content marketing, there are two buzzwords that are quite busy to be discussed among brands and marketers, namely sponsored content (sponsored content) and native advertising. These two terms are often confused with one another because of the similarity in form.

Getting to Know What Native Advertising Is

According to Wikipedia Native ads are a type of advertising and are mostly online, which matches the form and function of the platform on which the ad appears. In many cases this functions like advertising, and manifests as a video, article or editorial.

This Native Ads ad format for most people is considered not to disturb the comfort of the audience.

Native ads are advertorial in the digital age. Native ads can be any form, can be images, articles, multimedia content, and other forms. Native ads convey promotional messages through content that seeks to convince consumers to do something like buying a product, etc.

According to Contently, consumers are more likely to see native ads rather than listen to other forms of advertising such as banner ads. This proves that banner banner ads have now been ignored by readers.

Visitors prefer to see native ads that are relevant to what they are looking for, rather than having to be distracted by the display of banner ads or pop-ups that often don’t connect with the articles they read.

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Native Ads Presentation Format

In its presentation, native ads generally use:

Advertorial : Usually in the form of blogs and articles written to provide information to readers about certain things. The thing to remember here is that the main purpose of writing is to convince the reader to buy the product or service.

Call-to-action : This can be a link or an invitation to visit a brand’s site. This is done to further convince readers to buy their products or services. With a strong advertorial and call-to-action, brands will provide information about their products or services to customers, as well as what benefits customers will get by buying it.

Video and image : The content used will tend towards the brand being promoted. For example: When promoting culinary products, the brand will show someone who seems to feel his own satisfaction when consuming these foods. Once again, the primary purpose of native ad is to convince consumers.

Native Ads Will Increase CTR

Many people say that using native ads will make the CTR (click through rate) of ads will be higher. That way, the advertiser will have more opportunities to get consumers or clients, while the publisher will get more income from ad clicks.

In theory, this makes perfect sense because the appearance of the advertisement becomes more attractive / eye cathing, and at the same time the advertisement does not disturb the audience. In other words, with Native Ads everyone can be happy, advertisers are happy, publishers are happy, and the audience is happy.