Get acquainted with Google Penalty, Sandboxing, and Banned

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Get acquainted with Google Penalty, Sandboxing, and Banned

Get acquainted with Google Penalty Sandboxing and Banned

For website owners and online business owners, nothing is more terrible than to get up one morning and find web traffic down to the base of the line.

Traffic is not everything, not the main parameter to measure the success of a business, but the fall of traffic is striking can only mean one thing: our website is hit by a penalty by Google. And exposure to a penalty is an online dream of online marketers.

But, the decline in traffic is not the only type of punishment given by Google for the “naughty” web. There are also banned and sandboxing.

When talking about the punishment given by Google, we often assume that it will only occur on the sites full of malware, which has illegal content (such as pornography, gambling, and pirated), or spam-spread sites.

Unfortunately, the punishment can also be given to “good kids”, to sites that have tried to be on the right track but do not understand the character of the algorithm so that … come along clean too.

Is Google wrong? Well, search engines are not entirely black and white. In this case, Google treats all existing websites without choosing, even to their products.

Examples of cases that had been excited in 2012 ago, Google provided a penalty to Google Chrome for manipulating PageRank.

What is Google Penalty? What are the types? How severe is the result? And how do you avoid it? We invite you to sit sweetly, prepare coffee or snack because our discussion this time will be a little long.

What is Google Penalty?

Simply put, Google Penalty is a “punishment” provided by Google to web-webs that violate Google’s Quality Guidelines.

Penalty causes a drastic rank site ranking. Your site will not get traffic from organic search. In some cases, your site won’t even appear on search engines.

What is the importance of traffic and ranking? Indeed why if your website has a penalty? Well, it depends on.

If you are a blog owner who just wants to confide in fun, traffic and ranking may not have much effect. But if you are an online business owner or blogger who is being enthusiastic about monetizing blogs, traffic and ranking is one of the factors that affect business success.

But, the decline in traffic and ranking does not always mean your site has a penalty. It could be because of another reason. So, before you panic, here are some causes of decreasing traffic besides penalty:

  • Technical problems such as there are several pages blocked by robots.txt, problems with Google Crawlers, or server interference.
  • Your website is new and has not been indexed by Google. To notify Google to index your new site, you can submit it on Google Submit URL.
  • Change domain. For example, when you change the domain from the free domain to TLD, it will usually affect traffic even though the changes are not dramatic.
  • Change template. Changes in web structures usually also affect traffic because Google must re-cached the new look of our website.

Kinds of punishment given by Google

From a little severe to the very severe. From starting the temporary penalty until the penalty “nothing to worry for you”.

Even though Google is not the only search engine, it cannot be denied that it is currently the largest and most widely used search engine.

We can compete with other websites in terms of ranking or traffic, but against Google is not recommended and not worth trying. Because Google can do the following 3 things to our website:


Sandboxing is still a debate in the world of SEO. Some say that Sandboxing exists, some argue that this image is mere. Whatever speculation happens, but we think it’s important for you to know this so that you Stay Alert.

Sandboxing can be interpreted as a trial period applied by Google to new webs and webs that are currently recovering from a penalty. Sandboxing began to take effect in March 2004, so the web made after that would usually get into the trial period before he could start his work on the search engines.

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How do you know that your web is in a period of sandboxing? Here’s the signs:

  • If you don’t get satisfactory traffic from the main keywords of your website even though your PageRank is good, your content is quality, or even though it has a large number of backlinks. For example, the main topic and keywords that your optimization is about SEO. But when someone searches for these keywords, your website doesn’t appear anywhere.
  • You still get traffic from organic search, but not from the main keyword. For example, besides SEO occasionally you also discuss how to make handicrafts from used goods. How come it’s really good from SEO to handicrafts? Yes, this is for example. Well, the traffic you get is precisely from the handicraft content.
  • Your website is a good site that never breaks the rules, always wears a rail = “no-follow” for sponsored post, has a user & mobile-friendly look, do white hat SEO, diligently share it to social media, but … The traffic is very low.
Causes of sandboxing

Here are your causes of sandboxing from Google:

  • Your website is new but you struggle in the keyword with a high competition level. Google requires time to trust your website before displaying it in search results.
  • While recovering from a penalty. You have been wrong by practicing Black SEO techniques and then hit by a penalty. So your website will remain in a sandboxing time A.K.A supervised to search engines trust your site back.
  • Use a domain that has been used and it turns out that the domain has been hit by a penalty. For example, you buy a domain with the name of the The domain is available but it turns out, the same domain name has been in the past and used to spread malware so that it was banned by Google. Yes, indeed it sounds unfair because you never know what happened to your previous domain name, right?
  • Your website has for a long time (months or years) it is not active so search engines think that you may have given up making quality content.
How to get out of sandboxing

The solution we will give may sound cliche, but it is still worth doing if you manage the website. This also applies to those of you who have already bought a troubled domain name.

  • High-Quality Content

Keep making informative and useful content according to your website niche.

  • Become a good child

Obey all regulations that Google says and other search engines. If you do SEO practices because they don’t know, read various references and start repairs.

  • It’s time to clean

If you are more educated about SEO malls, it’s time to clean.

  • Avoid Blackhat Seo.

Never mind, doing the Black SEO technique outdated. Stop keyword stuffing, unnatural link, cloaking, and so on.

  • Domain selection

Before deciding to buy a domain, look for the appropriate and “clean” domain name.

2. Penalized.

Expressed Penalized, it was told to stand in front of the class with one foot lifted and handed the ear leaves. Your website will be lowered in search results. Some don’t even appear at all. This type of penalty that often occurs and has a different impact.

Penalty type: manual and algorithm.

Manual penalty is a type of penalty directly given to Google to websites that violate Google’s Quality Guidelines while the algorithm applies to all websites because of a change in Google algorithm.

Penalty Signs

There are several penalty marks that you have to be aware of:

  • Trafficking dropped dramatically in several pages.
  • Traffic dropped dramatically for several keywords.
  • Trafficking down overall.
  • Websites do not appear in search results for certain keywords.
  • The website does not appear in search results for all keywords.
Causes of Google Penalty

The following are your causes of Google Penalty:

  • Breaking Google’s Quality Guidelines.
  • Affected by algorithms such as Google Panda, Penguin, or Hummingbird.
  • Contains pirated content.
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How to fix it

To overcome a penalty from Google, you can do this:

  • Know for sure the cause of the penalty.
  • Perform repairs.
  • Submit a review re-to Google.

3. Banned/deindexed

Well, if this one, your website is no longer told to stand in front of the class, but expelled out of class. In other words, your website is at all “deposed” from a search engine. You will not be able to find it anywhere. You and your website, disappear from the world.

How to check whether your site is banned or not, type the following phrases on Google Search ==> Site: Website URL

The cause of the web banned

Here’s the cause of your website banned:

  • Contrary to the law, both international law and law in your country.
  • Your website is hacked.
  • The website contains malware and spam (Google Penguin).
  • Breaking Google’s Quality Guidelines.
  • Blocked by Google at the request of the authorities such as the state or police.
  • Breaking copyright of websites or certain products.
  • Use the domain that has been banned before.
How to fix it

To overcome the web that is banned by Google, you can do:

  • Make sure that your site is banned, not because your site is still new.
  • Find out for sure causes why your site is banned.
  • If banned for legal reasons, we are not sure of being able to provide useful suggestions, but if your site is banned for violating Quality Guidelines, immediately repair it first.
  • Submit a re-review request to Google or Reconsideration Requests.

Apart from the curative steps above, it’s a good idea to also take preventive steps. Make sure your website is entrusted to web cloud hosting providers that have the highest server security level.

Or if you suspect your website has malware so that it’s worried about being banned, you can take advantage of malware cleaning services.

After reading this post maybe you start alert and find out if your website has a penalty or not. Maybe you also try to check with the tools provided by third parties.

Yes, many provide tools from starting free to paid. But, the best way is to pay attention to data on your Google Analytics and Search Console.

Thus chatting about Google Penalty, Sandboxing, and Banned. May be useful.

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