Geofencing Applications – 12 Common Use Cases

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Geofencing purposes differ broadly in their use circumstances. The technological innovation is employed in a selection of methods, from promoting and consumer engagement, to fleet administration, car security, property automation and a lot more.

This fast manual will search at some of the most popular programs of geofencing. For a closer search at how the technological know-how functions, verify out the several productive use situations driven by PlotProjects’ technology.

The most popular geofencing apps

  • Advertising & Consumer Engagement: A person of the most common geofencing use cases is marketing and user engagement. By implementing the technological innovation in their application, corporations are capable to set ‘virtual’ geographic boundaries about their premises and focus on nearby customers with marketing notifications. This is a strong way to boost user engagement and raise foot targeted traffic.
  • Locale insights: Yet another widespread geofencing software is knowledge selection. When application end users enter and exit a geofenced region, corporations are capable to obtain beneficial locale insights about their behaviour. For instance, data about how quite a few persons visit their retailers, how extensive they keep, how they search and what they acquire. This details can be applied to personalise advertising messages and refine campaigns.
  • Geo-Conquesting: The most prevalent geofencing use cases incorporate geo-conquesting. For illustration, a business may established up a geofence all-around a competitor and target their customers with better bargains. Burger King’s famous Whopper Detour is a good case in point of a very profitable geo-conquesting marketing campaign.
  • Event Administration: A lot of organisations use geofencing for celebration and group management. When an attendee enters a geofenced place pageant or convention, they can be targeted with marketing notifications or useful details about the occasion. It can also assist organisers with running crowds and amassing critical celebration facts.
  • Fleet Administration: No list of popular geofencing programs would be finish devoid of mentioning fleet management. The technology is broadly utilized for this goal, specially in the transportation and logistics sector. Right here it can be utilized to track autos, determine shipping and delivery and delivery places, keep track of truck routes and much more.
  • Vacation and Hospitality: Airports and accommodations use the engineering to interact consumers and improve their expertise. For occasion, some airports use it to promote provides to travelers or present baggage belt arrival data, while lodges can trigger welcome notifications, specials or evaluate requests.
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Other geofencing use circumstances

  • Particular Location Tracking: It’s not just firms who use geofencing. One more common use circumstance is for own locale monitoring. Applications like FamiSafe allow moms and dads to set geofences close to their property or their child’s university, then get alerts when their children arrive and go from individuals destinations.
  • Security Alerts: The technology can also be utilized to create basic safety alerts for individual possessions this kind of as your car. Or for the safety of susceptible individuals these types of as dementia individuals, folks out on your own, or those with alcoholic beverages or drug abuse challenges. It operates by alerting their carers when they go away a ‘safe’ or geofenced zone.
  • Property Automation: Likewise, people can geofence their properties to cause their property automation applications, turning on heating, lights or other features when they’re on their way house.
  • Human Methods: A different common geofencing application is human methods, for monitoring workers, helping with staff clock-in, or for monitoring on-web page assets. What is more, an employer could geofence a specific get the job done convention to head hunt for gifted experts who attend.
  • Navigation: Geofencing can be utilised to support application people navigate their way all over, for instance is a navigation app, or for fuel apps to help people discover inexpensive gas nearby.
  • Social networking: Lots of businesses use social media and geofencing to personalize the shopper knowledge. It’s straightforward to established up geofenced advertisements on social media platforms, and has quite a few gains together with improved engagement and an greater viewers.
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Geofencing use cases for child safety

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