Generating Profits Through Personalized Content on E-commerce

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Generating Profits Through Personalized Content on E-commerce

Generating Profits Through Personalized Content on E commerce

In traditional retail stores, usually experienced sales associations always observe how someone is shopping, and offer recommendations for their preferred products. Through e-commerce personalization, you can provide personalized service and treatment to buyers at the same time. In this article, we will discuss the importance of personalizing by providing a shopping experience, and how it can be applied to your e-commerce platform.

What is e-commerce personalization?

Have you ever gone shopping at a clothing store and asked the waiter to recommend the right product for you? Chances are they will advise you to choose clothes that are fantastic and of absolutely the best quality. A similar personal experience applies to shoppers on your e-commerce platform. That is what is then called e-commerce personalization.

Through the use of data and tools that support e-commerce personalization, you can serve certain messages or requests, provide product suggestions, and much more that you can do for your customers. Meanwhile, e-commerce personalization is an important step in optimizing your online store. Unfortunately, this personalization has not received much attention from online businesses.

How can you successfully carry out the personalization process?

Most of today’s e-commerce has the same static content for every customer. This is often the case even though we know that every buyer has unique tastes and different motivations for shopping online. Therefore, you can apply the following methods to increase the personalization trend and of course, increase the number of sales.

1. Use Dynamic Content to Greet Customers

Based on data disclosed by Janrain, 74% of online buyers are bored with the content they receive. This means that you are currently looking at opportunities that will allow you to create dynamic content based on a segmented buyer list. This way, for example, will give you the flexibility to greet a specific segmented list of buyers based on how they behave in visiting your store.

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2. Personalize the products you suggest through a pre-purchase questionnaire

You can also personalize products by giving questionnaires to customers before they do the checkout process. Making this effort allows you to capture sufficient customer insights so that you can provide a memorable shopping experience.

After gaining customer insights such as personal preferences, you can create strategies according to that data. Besides, you can provide a memorable experience, thereby encouraging customers to make purchasing decisions.

3. Give A Wide Selection Of Products To Meet Your Customer’s Special Needs

By creating a personalized shopping experience like this, that is, meeting the personal needs of customers, their confidence in making purchases will increase. They are increasingly comfortable paying for the groceries of their choice. This happens because of your efforts to build good personal relationships with customers, including providing the products needed. So, they will no longer have any doubts about buying your products.

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