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See getinspiredhere as an online advertising community to communicate with anyone in the marketing, ads and publishing business willing to share ideas and keep the conversation rolling. Great conversations are already going down in a great number of online platforms. Our goal is to keep adding value to those whenever possible and share what we find the most galvanizing. Get and give pinch of inspirations. This project is born from Bring the Love Back Campaign and the comments we got from our industry.

Now its time to reveal how we’ve been built-in it and how far we’re dedicated to walk the talk. For Bring the Love Back 2 sneak preview enjoy below. For more inspirational conversations, meet us at getinspiredhere. Cocorico. Cock a doodle. Twice is indeed well justified.

The first one to congratulate Belgium – my home nation and still one Big Small country the last time – to have turned its local Best Of Advertising Awards – of which I remember a stupendous adventure last year as president of the jury – into a more European concentrated and US encouraged MIXX awards . Along with the record reached by online ad spending during the first months of this year – more than 131% for Q1andQ2 in comparison to 2006 – it appears like a new online creative wind is blowing over Belgium. Let it blow – and let the planning follow for that reason…The second one for self congratulations: at the same MIXX awards Microsoft Advertising won a Gold Award at an identical MIXX awards with the ‘Bring the affection back’ video. Kudos to Geert Desager who made this happen. It’s the first time Microsoft Advertising is being moneymaking with a advertising and marketing and interactive excellence price. And the honour is great, to be identified by our peers as the most inventive and advantageous campaign in the Brand recognition/positioning category.

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Since its unencumber last May, the video got more than 170,000 views. Not bad for a B2B campaign. And since Scoble just found out the video last week – however he totally misses the point on this one – forecast more buzz around it in the coming days. Gold was shared with Boondoggle’ s Singing in the shower campaign. I love it.

It totally speaks to the age of dialog among brands and patrons, to the platforms that let that conversation, it speaks to the emblem features. Well deserved. The same class rewarded the ‘Rent a wife’ campaign. The indisputable fact that the campaign needed to be stopped by a Belgian court determination didn’t prevent Emakina to win Bronze. The online page campaign and the videos were got rid of a few weeks ago but that you would be able to still view a few screenshots here and skim more over the crusade there .

In 3 weeks time, the site obtained 600,000 unique guests and the video was viewed 100,000 times. I were out for a week but for good reasons; we hosted a big EMEA / America’s sales Kick off in Lisbon. Educating and stimulating 500 sales guys and celebrating our successes. I think it was a great achievement – outstanding too see how much energy that you can create in a room with 500 digital marketing people… As always we included some ‘external in’ view in the agenda and let the floor to Fernanda Romana, the Executive Creative Director for Lowe NY and moving to Madrid soon – she is a bit of personality with very nice provocative feelings on creativity in electronic and the role of agencies – and ours… Certainly more on that soon…!The idea came to advertising experts and bloggers McLellann and Heaton after McLellan, founding father of the consultancy McLellan Marketing Group, posted about an experiment he just found out. The ‘We are smarter than me’ intention was to have a group of folks co authoring a book on the flexibility of groups and the leverage of social networks. Heaton was the 1st to remark it and anything is… euh .

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dialog really. This ‘ quick ebook’ – no greater than a 400 words page by author , is a talk from the community on groups. The dialog comes to greater than 100 influential agents and innovators from around the world. The majority of them never met physically nor spoke but via IM and so on. A long time ago I saw an offer from Openhere to assist us tackle the talk around connecting Brands and Consumers in the most valuable way.

Of course it’s all about modified client behavior and the way Brands are looking to reinvent the way they engage in true conversations with their consumers. Real conversations, ‘talk with’ not ‘talk at’. The idea was to make an “information superhighway movie” and the story board was very spot on. I see numerous great ideas each month but between the belief and the consciousness some useful obstacles keep away from us from doing all of them. Budget being one of them…The credit: the movie was shot with creation house Caviar in a cafe on Sunset Boulevard in LA.

The director is Ben Zlotucha, a young director whose short film ‘A Little Light’ won many awards at big American film gala’s. The casting director was Alyssa Weisberg, who rose to fame in Hollywood with her casting work for top series ‘Lost’. And the most appropriate actors aren’t precisely what you call unknown either: both Brad Raider the male lead and Claire Coffee the feminine lead were in a couple of episodes of CSI Crime Scene Investigation.