Gantt Chart is: understanding, benefit, and its role in project management

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Gantt Chart is: understanding, benefit, and its role in project management

Gantt Chart is understanding benefit and its role in project management

Basically, Gantt Chart is one of the tools used in project management that can help increase individual productivity or team.

The company’s management can use this tool to increase work productivity, especially when making schedules, monitor the success of the project being worked on.

Well on this occasion, let’s discuss deeper about Gantt Chart and its application in increasing work productivity more effectively below.

What is Gantt Chart?

The definition of Gantt Chart is a item diagram used to provide visualization of a project plan used from time to time. The Gantt Chart display will show a simple display.

In addition, in it too and also visualize a number of things, namely the date of the start of a project, various tasks that must be done, members who work on assignments, time begins and completed tasks, the length of time needed, grouping assignments between members, and the date completed by the project.

In the beginning, Gantt Chart uses a visual harmonogram, which is a visual diagram that uses workflows and created by Karol Adamiec, a Polish engineer.

Then, around 1910, an engineer and a management consultant named Henry Gantt expanded the concept of Adamiec’s creation in the project management, hereinafter referred to as Gantt Chart.

Himself composes the chart or diagram to be able to help supervisors in the manufacturing field to be able to see if the work whose members do are appropriate, faster, or even slower than the predetermined deadline.

At present, further developed and well-known as one of the tools that are often used to manage various types of projects.

Benefits of Gantt Chart in Project Management

The main benefit of Gantt Chart is to help you manage and monitor large complex projects, or a simple project. In addition, Gantt Chart also has other benefits, namely:

  • Improve communication and alignment of the team

Gantt Chart is proven to be used as a tool that is able to facilitate communication between teams. Every manager who uses this chart can find out who must complete a task, so you can provide clear advice or information in it.

  • Avoid Excessive Use of Resources

By watching the task and also a process that must be passed to the Gantt chart, then as a manager you can manage resources more optimally. So, you can distribute tasks to align resources accordingly.

If this could be done properly, then the project will be completed in accordance with the budget and deadlines that have previously been arranged.

  • Measuring Progress Project

You can monitor the progress of projects currently being worked on. If it turns out project under construction behind schedule deadlines, so you can assess and predict what the future strategy should be changed.

  • Better time management

Gantt Chart can also help you to have better time management, because Gantt Chart can make it easier for you to make a schedule and also determine sufficient time for each task.

  • Creating a sense of responsibility
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Gantt Chart functions in creating a higher sense of responsibility in the work environment. Why? Because the manager and team can see how a task and target must be achieved by everyone. In addition, the manager can also monitor anyone who is able to provide the best performance and can be given an award.

Component Gantt Chart

  • Task List

Just as the name suggests, the Task List is a list of tasks written from the top to bottom. There is a grouping of priority tasks, so it will make it easier for you to set it.

  • Timeline

The timeline is a timemotion written from the left to right. The period written in it is also very flexible, so you can specify days, weeks, months, up to years.

  • Dateline

Dateline is a time pointer that is currently used. This data is written between the timeline or in the middle of the timeline. The contents are in the form of work that today must be resolved, tasks that must be done in the future.

  • Bars.

Bars are the next component that shows how far the task has been resolved. The bar will also show a deadline or job deadline.

  • Progress

Basically, progress is almost the same as the tire. What distinguishes between the two is if the bar is described by the bar diagram, the progress is recorded with a calculation of percentage.

  • Milestones

Milestones is a marker of time from an important agenda, such as a certain date or progress of the meeting that must be done. In Gantt Chart, Milestones will appear on that date.

  • Dependencies

Sometimes, something work must be done before other jobs. Like when building an application, the thing to do first is the research process. Afterwards, the new workmanship can be done.

A job must sometimes be finished before other work can begin.

Inside Gantt Chart, both of these tasks can be connected with a straight line. So, later there will be information regarding the two tasks in which they depend on each other.

  • Resource assigned

Those responsible for the duties and deadlines that have been made are referred to as resource assigned. Table gantt chart will not be said to be completed if there is no resource assigned.

Tips for Making Gantt Chart

As we previously explained, that Gantt Chart can be made using Excel graphics media or by using certain project management applications that have now been made.

How to make it certainly vary. Even so, there are some basic tips that you must pay attention to when you want to make a gantt chart, namely:

1. Identify project objectives

The first tips you can do in making Gantt Chart are to identify the objectives of the project you are working more specifically. It is necessary to keep the chart you make able to visualize a good work process.

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2. Make a list of tasks with details

The next tips are to identify and also make a list of tasks that you must complete in a complete and detailed project. In order to be able to create a complete list of tasks, then you can make it using a work details structure.

The method is quite easy, you only have to share a large range of projects into a task and sub-tasks to achieve a project’s final goal.

The trick is to divide the larger project into the task and sub-task or stages of the necessary stages to achieve the project’s final destination.

You can also use the Mind Mapping concept to help you in combing large projects on a complete structure of work details.

3. Pay attention to the relationship between tasks

Make sure the whole diagram on the Gantt Chart that you make is able to provide a picture of the order and relationship between tasks in a project, or if there are certain tasks that cannot be resolved, then you must wait completely resolved.

By identifying the interign, you will also be even easier to determine the duration and timeline of the workmanship project.

4. Determine the project timeline

In this case, you must be able to decide and divide the duration of time on each project assignment you are doing. Each of these tasks must have their respective deadlines.

So you can estimate deadlines, then you can monitor the same project report before, or by discussing it directly to those who are related in the task.

5. Monitor development

After you have finished making Gantt Chart, then you must always monitor the development of the task. It is very important to note to know the possibility of obstacles that require the enactment of strategies or change plans.


This is the full review of Gantt Chart and some other tips you must pay attention to when you want to make Gantt Chart. For starters, maybe you can make it simply by using Excel or by using the Gantt Chart template which is currently widely spread on the internet.

The final goal of the use of Gantt Chart is so that every company member can complete the project being done properly and quickly, so the company can get maximum profit or profit.

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