Game Ads – The Next Big Thing After Video Ads?

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With over 72,000 registrants and artists in attendance, SXSW is among the most constructive channels for bridging era, creative, media and commercials spaces. This year’s conference was much more particular because it marked SXSW’s 30th anniversary. To commemorate this major milestone – both the president of the USA as well as the First Lady joined the convention!This formally means that Gamewheel’s CEO offered along keynote audio system like Barack and Michel Obama, albeit not an identical event, in spite of this we couldn’t be prouder!The Obama’s presence at the conference showcases the rising significance of the tech world in politics. Behind all of the media interest focused at the popular guests, SXSW once again offered a plethora of clean insights that we cannot wait to share.

Today, we’d want to focus on the discussion we had in the course of the panel “How All Brands Can Win with Game Advertising” run by Susan Borst from IAB. The panel’s foremost guests, Michael Flamberg Nielsen, Kym Nelson Twich and Peter Jonas Facebook, display the significance and relevance of gamification in commercials and the increase of games as a default part of the advertising mix. Showtime’s Game Ad for his or her new show Roadies, which was prominently placed into the SXSW convention app, additional highlights gamification’s rise and predominance in the advertising and marketing world.

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