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Comms businesses did deals with LAs to hire spaces on street furnishings, comparable to lamp posts and CCTV columns, already linked with cable ducts. They provided to square public good with deepest greed in the New York model. LAs would get a cut of the cash mobile operators paid to use the network infrastructure. Spare skill would supply a free public Wi Fi service, which LAs claimed would bridge the digital divide by making certain anyone could get information superhighway access, even if they couldn’t afford it. Wi Fi could be basic and time restricted.

Those who wanted more and faster would pay, and LAs would take a cut of that in addition. Bristol City Council, which has authorized use of its street furniture to its ‘Bristol is Open’ three way partnership with the University of Bristol, refused all 25 InLink applications this year. It has put £25. 3m of executive investment into the deal. Then last year it agreed a £5m street commercials concession with JCDecaux, granting it spots on main roads where both ad based kiosks and small cell contractors vie for space. That is an alternate type of concession LAs pursue.

Camden had proposed forbidding its own concessionaire from showing advertisements with a purpose to protect revenue from its street advertising concessions.

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