FroggyAds Introduces Push Advertising

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“Opening our gates to push advertisements is a turning point for FroggyAds as it easily and without difficulty allows digital marketers to reach unprecedented performance,” said Peter Smith, FroggyAds’s Managing Director. “Moreover, beyond assisting push ads, we at the moment are also fitting their largest provider for sale, with a database of over 700 million opt ins. Last but not least, as push ads are inherently native to users’ pursuits and since users are in full control of their subscriptions, our answer is fully GDPR compliant and ensures bot free, high excellent site visitors. “”Invalid traffic and ad fraud are still probably the most most daunting demanding situations in the ads industry.

Froggy Ads leverages both manual and automated bot filtering in addition to third party answers to provide our customers with the highest quality site visitors,” said Lars Sorensen, President and Chief Revenue Officer at Froggy Ads. “Our funding in Push Ads allows for electronic retailers to avoid ad fraud and obtain remarkable levels of scalability. By becoming the world’s largest carrier of push commercials, Froggy Ads continues to fuel its exponential growth, which has already introduced our agency a wide focus as one of the fastest growing technology groups in the world. “Founded in 2011, Froggy Ads is the industry’s first carrier of AI powered online ad size and management answers for electronic retailers. In 2017 and 2018, Froggy Ads was identified as one of the quickest growing technology groups in Europe, according to the Financial Times and Deloitte. Froggy Ads’s answers help hundreds of agencies in 243 nations to trace, degree, and optimize billions of dollars of ads spend, boosting their effectivity and ROI like never before.

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Froggy Ads is currently tracking over $2. 5 billion of digital ad spend for one of the most world’s biggest brands and ad businesses, including $400 million of ad spend on Facebook.