Free Tools for Check Website Speed

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Free Tools for Check Website Speed

Free Tools for Check Website Speed

One important factor and affecting the visitor’s traffic to an internet site is that the speed of an internet site . If an internet site is straightforward and fast to access automatically making visitors an internet site Comfortable and “Stay” lingering on an internet site . Website speed factors also are vital to extend SEO rankings on an internet site . Therefore, you would like to see the speed of your website. to assist you, we’ll discuss various free tools that you simply can use to see the web site speed.

Factors that affect the speed of an internet site if accessed include:

• The hosting server employed by the web site .

• Internet connection used.

• Using large image/image and multimedia files.

• The use of additional plugins or add-ons that are “Over” and not following the specifications (CPU & RAM) on the hosting employed by an internet site .

• Source Thema website used.

• And other factors.

To help check and test how quickly an internet site follows some free online tools to assist check.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PagePeed Insight may be a free service from Google which is addressed to website users to seek out out, and measure performance while measuring the speed of an internet site is accessed from mobile devices and desktop devices.


GTMetrix is one among the free tools to see the speed of loading an internet site when opened. Features which will be found in GTMetrix include:

• Track History with Graphs

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• Analyze on an Actual Android Device

• Test from Multiple Regions

• Playback Page Loads With Videos

• Set Up Monitored Alerts

• Save Report Data

• And other features.

Pingdom Website Speed Test

Other free tools are Website Speed Test services from Pingdom. Currently, Speed Test services from Pingdom provide 5 places in various countries within the world to check the speed of an internet site if you employ free services from them.

Features which will be found include:

• Check all parts of an internet site page.

• Trace History of an internet site Performance.

• Test speed access from various locations within the world.

• Tips for Improving the Performance of an internet site .

Apart from the three free online tools above, there are still another online tools which will be used.

Here are other free services which will be used:





• And other online services.

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