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GPT is something that became customary when techniques started moving past the old BIOS system to newer, more sophisticated methods which use an advanced sort of BIOS called UEFI. One of the largest merits of this was expanding past the 2. 2TB limit that MBR had. So if you had a bigger drive, as an example 3 or 4 TB, and set it up with MBR, the system would only see it as the 2. 2TB limit, and the rest of the gap wouldn’t be recognized.

You’d ought to have it as GPT to get the complete capability. Technically where your drive is only a 2TB, that you can use either MBR or GPT, but just for the sake of comfort and only having to be aware something, it’s doubtless easier just to go GPT anyhow. Here is one of our Knowledge Base articles with more info if you want to provide it a look over.

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