Follow these techniques to achieve a trusted seller title

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Follow these techniques to achieve a trusted seller title

Follow these techniques to achieve a trusted seller title

Getting the trust of customers is not something difficult. However, that doesn’t mean it’s easy either. As a businessman, you need to build it from scratch to become a trusted seller.

For example, providing clear information, satisfying service, and fast response when receiving complaints from customers. The problem is, why do many business people still lack the trust of customers?

There are many factors. One of them is building a business that seems careless. The important thing is to get profits without paying attention to the product brand and the business as a whole.

As long as it is managed seriously, every business will have its benefits, including its businessmen. He not only attracts customers, then becomes loyal but also builds a persona as a trusted seller.

However, many business people, and maybe including you, question this. Can customers call you a trusted seller? What should be built and managed?

Here are five things you need to know to build a persona as a trusted seller.

1. Share Your Business Experience

For customers who are meeting or transacting with you for the first time, you should need to tell them how to start a business. You can tell through seminars. Or you can write it on the website “About Us” section.

From there, the customer will pay close attention. What can be observed and learned. Who knows, your customers will become your drop shipper or reseller.

Also, tell the vision and mission of building your business. How to manage product brands, introduce products to customers, to increase sales levels. Then, by doing so, customers understand that you are a trusted seller.

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2. Clear Information

Every customer needs clear information. For example, how to choose the right payment method, give the customer an invoice so they don’t forget to pay, or understand which product the customer should choose.

You can explain all of them orally or in writing on your website. For example, your product is clothing, you can write down the material, size, color choice, and price. Clear information will not make it difficult for customers to make choices.

If you do this carefully, customers will know and understand that you are indeed worthy of being a trusted seller.

3. Functional Social Media Well

The all-digital age makes business opportunities wide open. One of the ways that a business can grow is social media management. For now, customers will usually check your Instagram, Facebook, or website. From there, customers will judge. Are you worthy of being called a trusted seller?

Because it cannot be denied that there are business people who only use social media to make profits. It takes a competitor’s picture without asking permission. This is not good faith. Create interactions with customers through social media.

Greet customers, respond to customer responses from direct messages or comments column. So, apart from getting engagement, you will be more trusted by customers.

4. Show Reviews from Customers

Do you often get five stars from customers? If so, please let the customer know. Especially if customers are satisfied by providing positive comments on your product.

Customers often trust the quality of your product based on the experiences of other customers. When a customer gives a negative review, it could be that the customer is looking for other competitors.

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The way that you always get good reviews is to provide satisfying service to customers. Because, by itself, customers will provide positive reviews and comments on your product.

So, thus, when you get five stars, you get good reviews, you have obtained the title of a trusted seller.

5. Make Transactions Easy

Have you ever experienced difficulties in transacting? If so, you are advised not to imitate the manner of service that you have experienced. As a businessman, you need to make it easy for customers. One of them is through the right payment method.

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