Follow these 4 business tips for MSME businesses to run smoothly

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Follow these 4 business tips for MSME businesses to run smoothly

Follow these 4 business tips for MSME businesses to run smoothly

One of the businesses that is really affected by Covid-19 is Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). Many employers have tightened expenses, reduced employee salaries, reduced the amount of employees, and ended up going out of business. So they need business tips in order to survive.

The entrepreneurs do this because there are no activities such as production, distribution and consumption. So that the wheels of the economy came to a halt.

This is because people are reluctant to leave the house. Activities are only limited to inside the house. Some of them, as soon as the Indonesian government declared Covid-19 was present, immediately stocked the items needed. As a result, for several months they were able to survive in this way.

However, the new normal seems to be making people start leaving the house. Most of them have activities with strict health protocols. Some MSMEs are starting to be confident about building business again.

However, still doubts and worries still floated in their minds. The presence of a second wave of Covid-19 can be seen. Especially for those that are just starting a business. Some of them are trying to find out if there are any powerful business tips today.

Some desirable business tips like how the business survives with sufficient capital. Then, business can develop in the new normal era. The important thing is also business tips so you don’t go bankrupt on the way. Are you also in need of business tips?

Therefore, here are the business tips you need to make business stable in the new normal era.

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1. Enable Social Media to Market Business

In an era when everyone is technology literate and requires a lot of information, social media is the reason why so many people use it. One of the functions of social media can be used for doing business.

Some social media that can be used for business include Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter. Social media is able to market quickly so your business results are visible. In addition, the selected customers can be right so they can maintain the trust between you and the customer.

This is the first business tip. You need to practice these business tips so that business is stable.

2. Establish Relationships with Customers

What are you most worried about when business is down? The number of subscribers is reduced, even the most extreme is the loss of communication between you and the customer. They are reluctant to come back and move to your competitors.

However, this can be prevented by maintaining communication. With the presence of various information technologies, communicating without having to meet in person can be done.

You can send messages via e-mail to share the latest promos, make occasional video calls to meet customers, or share surprises for loyal customers.

Often times the second business tip is known but rarely done. Try to make your business grow.

3. Review of Business Models

Since the pandemic was present, the business model that has been quite affected is the offline business. Which means, it requires meeting with customers. People are reluctant to come, causing a business slump.

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To anticipate this, you can try an online business. If it’s culinary based, give good product packaging. So, there is no difference in taste whether you try your store or at the customer’s house.

Online business also reduces interaction with customers in face-to-face terms. Of course this is good considering the pandemic era, everyone is required to keep their distance. Even with the new normal era, this behavior remains valid.

Doing business online can be useful business tips for you. Especially to compete with competitors who also behave in this way.

4. Manage Business Transactions

Your need to manage business transactions needs to be considered properly. Especially when you need to go to the bank. It’s good to undo your intention. Use other means of monitoring business transactions such as bills.

Plus, you can easily create and manage invoices and share payment links with customers. Get real-time notifications when you receive payments.

When you know the business tips above, you are ready to move your business. In order for your business to grow, do not forget to advertise through the Froggy Ads service, you’ll start by advertising your products, in order that later you’ll increase visitors on your online business portal. Froggy Ads may be a web advertising service which can assist you control all of your product campaigns. helps you target your required marketing target and provides you an excellent many options to plug your product.