Fly Derrie Air Proves Newspaper Advertising Still Works Sort Of

We’ve all been in cases where we could imagine the logic of getting a policy like that, but it turns out the campaign was a joke that regular buyers could pass along to others, and one from which the newspaper could assemble advantageous metrics from. The challenge with the crusade is that it takes precisely the variety of one sided view the doesn’t work anymore. For instance, the newspaper ad drove a group of individuals online from the Philly area, and those people likely emailed the positioning to chums or blogged about it. Other sites picked up on the crusade and determined to also function it. I learned about from an email – and located insurance on a few advertising and advertising and marketing blogs already about it.

If you are reading this now and hadn’t heard of the crusade, you just found out about it from a blog. I am sure the positioning got great traffic and the Philadelphia Inquirer and any other papers behind it reported these superb metrics to advertisers in order to get more of them to buy into the paper. I think real lesson here, however, is that irrespective of which channel you decide to sell in, they will all be interconnected. For this crusade, newspaper offered the initial surge in traffic, even though anything else after that could ought to be attributed to word of mouth, either online or offline. The irony is that inadvertently, the campaign doubtless proved how interconnected media really is … and the way clueless some advertisers really are if they trust a pitch that tells them all the visits to this mock site can just be attributed to a few newspaper ads.

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