Flagship is a product concept that can overthrow competitors, this is the explanation!

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Flagship is a product concept that can overthrow competitors this is the explanation

Flagship is a product concept that can overthrow competitors, this is the explanation!

Flagship is a product concept that can overthrow competitors this is the explanation

Flagship is one of the terms that we must have been very often heard, especially in the world that is currently digital. How not, with a business strategy and a large marketing, of course the most expensive products owned by a company have been thought of in the minds of loyal customers.

But what is the actual meaning of this flagship? Why are many large companies that launch flagship products? What are the characteristics of the flagship product? And how does the big company market it?

Take it easy, on this occasion we will discuss it completely specifically for you. For that, let’s read this article until it’s finished.

The definition of flagship is

Reporting from PC MAm Page, Core Product or Flagship is the main product owned by a company. Actually, flagship is one of the terms used in the Navy.

However, it is still unclear whether the ship is the most sophisticated, most powerful, most important, or the biggest ship. Everything can be right, even though it’s not right.

The flagship ship is considered the most important ship because the ship there is a commander of the Navy ship fleet. For this reason, the ship is generally equipped with a very unique flag so that it can distinguish it from other ships.

Because the ship was used by the commander, then of course the specifications of the ship called Flagship must also be special. Generally, the Flagship ships are equipped with various sophisticated weapons, the largest size, or the most sophisticated technology system among others.

This is what makes the terms of flagship very identical to a product that is best than other products.

However, as time goes by and the growing time, this term is then used by various industries and products. Starting from manufacturing retail store products, transportation services, technology, etc. They often take advantage of this term.

One industry that is most likely already very familiar to the ears of using the term flagship is the smartphone industry. But the problem is this term becomes often misinterpreted. This happens most likely because it is too often used, so the original meaning is reduced and disappears.

In general, flagship products are made for customers with a greater amount of income and productivity. For this reason, don’t be surprised if this product appears at the most expensive price than other products made by related companies.

Even so, we certainly know there is a term “there is a price there is a item”. That means, Flagship products are products made with features and also the best quality. Because of its expensive market prices, this product has the greatest income contribution for a company.

The rest of the sales will also be used as capital back to make other products according to market needs.

Understanding Flagship Product According to Wikipedia

Reporting from the Wikipedia page, Flagship products are a core product or superior product owned by a brand. This product is generally a form of representation of all the products owned or offered by the company to its customers.

This product is often the product known by consumers who come from related companies, for example Google search engines from Google, Inc. companies or operating systems from Microsoft companies

In some certain cases, like some things related to gadgets, flagship products are also often interpreted as the best products or products with the highest class that is already owned by the company or offered by a company for its customers.

These products are often used as a reference for consumers in order to assess all other products owned by a brand.

So, for example the flagship product from the XYZ brand is claimed to be good, then the product with a different model or type that the brand is spent will also be considered good by consumers. In fact, the reality of this assessment cannot be fully correct.

In addition, if there is a flagship product that has succeeded in achieving success in the market, generally it also increases the popularity of related companies.

Flagship Product Characteristics is

In order for a product to have a flagship degree, then the product must have the characteristics of the product with the best quality among other products. But, what is the product with the best quality characteristics? Is it enough to be known with a very expensive price?

Reporting from the Android Authority page, characteristics and characteristics of flagship are as follows.

1. Flagship products are products with the best materials and features

In order to be claimed to be a flagship product, a company must be able to make the product with material and also features high quality. Of course, the size of quality on a feature and material will also develop over time.

For this reason, the company must be able to plan and make the most sophisticated product at the beginning of the year.

Why should Flagship products be made with materials and also the best features? Because, this product will later be used as a major weapon in business competition with other competitive companies on the market.

If a company is unable to make products that are able to compete, they will be left behind and will also lose many customers. Even so, the company can first determine what products want to be used as flagship products if they already have a large amount of audience.

For example, the Samsung Galaxy equipped with 4GB RAM is still claimed to be a flagship product even though there are other competitors who have products with up to 8GB of RAM. Why is that? Because Samsung is a smartphone brand that is very famous for the quality that is also very guaranteed.

2. Flagship products are products that can beat all products

In order to have a broader market share, often a company will make more than one product be marketed.

However, they must be able to assign the main products that will later be juxtaposed with their competitor’s products. For this reason, the product must have the best quality among other products that have been made by the company.

Well, these products must have the best among other products that have been made by the company. For example, just like Samsung. The company has three smartphone series they actively market to the community.

But, the S series and the Note series is claimed to be a flagship product because of its quality capable of defeating other series.

So, what about a brand that only makes one product series? We can take examples of Apple companies. Even though they really make one iPhone series, but they are able to improve the quality and materials of products every year.

How to Market Flagship Products

If a brand intends to release a famous flagship product, then they must be able to design a good marketing strategy. Why? Because actually marketing has a very vital role in the success of a flagship product.

If a marketing plan cannot be done well, the company’s brand will definitely suffer very large losses. Then, what are the good marketing strategies to market flagship products. The following is the explanation.

1. Affirm specifications, design, and features

Quoted from the BE Next Brand page, the marketing team must be able to confirm the specifications, design and features provided in the flagship product. This is done so that it can attract customers indirectly by comparing company products with competitor-owned products.

In addition, by showing various product features, then customers will know the reason behind expensive prices priced by the brand.

.2 proof of product performance

Furthermore, the way that can be done to attract customer interest in flagship products is by explaining the quality of the product performance itself. For this reason, companies must conduct research related to product performance in some elected people.

If you have obtained the results, the marketing team can include proof of product performance on its marketing strategy.

3. Product creation process

The last point that must be emphasized by the marketer team is the process of creating or making the product. The company must be able to explain that their products are made by experts in their fields with the best quality research.

By knowing this manufacturing process, the customer seems to be allowed to see screen conditions when high quality products are made.


Thus a complete explanation of flagship products. So, flagship products are typical products of a brand or company. With the features and also the best ingredients, the flagship products are able to provide many benefits for the company.

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