Firebrand Shows Ads The Way MTV Used To Show Music Videos

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The dirty little secret that most people who make their living marketing on the Internet will never inform you is they love watching TV spots. Of course, it is complex how much clients spend on questionably effective television advertising … and there are a large number of crappy TV ads being produced. But what if that you can assemble all of the good ones in one place and let people watch them?My guess is it’s not just the sellers that might watch. People love watching good entertaining advertising. There are entire television courses committed to them.

In the case of Geico’s Cavemen spots, some ads are even spawning entire TV sitcoms. YouTube is crammed with ads that individuals have put online themselves as well as those seeded by ad agencies and jointly those have generated thousands and thousands of views from those who watch them repeatedly and pass them along to their pals. Earlier this week, I got an invitation from Chris Abraham to wait the click unveiling for a new provider called Firebrand TV the day past in NY. Unfortunately, I could not make the event … but in reading in regards to the site and what it hopes to provide I think it’s worth every marketer’s attention. The reason is because from the restricted suggestions out there via videos and demos, Firebrand is trying to become an advertisements on demand enjoyment platform.

Their promotional video can provide to serve up “ads as content material” and only function the good ads.

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