Find uniqueness to win business competition

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Find uniqueness to win business competition

Find uniqueness to win business competition

Business competition is increasingly fierce, various innovations and uniqueness are highlighted by business people, whether it is small, medium, or large. Whether it has been in the old, or startup, everything seems to be competing to look different. There is no definite limitation, as long as the idea is still rolling, then as long as there will also be many innovations from products and services.

It cannot be denied that the differentiation or uniqueness of the product is the key to winning the business competition. If there are many similar businesses, something that can be the key to success is if our business is different when compared to other businesses.

If our products or services have a distinctive characteristic, it is certain, consumers or our customers can easily recognize our products or services, can be easy for us to instill in their minds, about our products and services.

It can be imagined, if our product is not much different from existing products or services, the market, and has no characteristics. There will be many customers or consumers who may not be able to distinguish our products or services, even worse, our products and services will not be recognized by many people.

How can our products or services be recognized by the wider community, while these people cannot recognize the differences in our products or services with similar products or services?

If other products have been considered standard by consumers, by creating differentiation, our products or services will look superior to other products or services that have been circulating on the market.

Everything is unique and different, it will certainly provide its appeal for consumers. So they are easier to recognize and remember these products or services, compared to other products or services that are common in the market.

A product or service that has a special uniqueness, will usually be hunted by consumers at high prices. So it’s no wonder if the selling price of a unique product or service can be higher than the price of other products or services that have been circulating on the market.

The more unique products or services we offer, it will make it easier for consumers to recognize these products or services. And more and more consumers recognize our products, the greater our chances of instilling the image of the product or service we offer in the minds of consumers.

Here we will show several ways to be able to look unique, different, and declare business competition with uniqueness. This method can help find where the uniqueness should be highlighted, and how to make our products or services, can appear to stand out among similar products or services.

1. Pay attention to competitors

Our competitors or competitors will have a positive impact on our efforts, if we know the advantages and disadvantages of our competitors, and learn from our competitors’ mistakes. For research that can map thoroughly, about our competitors. The good thing we take and the bad we repair.

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Competitors are triggers so that we can improve ourselves, if you want to succeed in business competition, then pay close attention to our competitors, then make all the advantages and disadvantages into our introspection material. Give a new touch, to be the character and character of our products or services.

If we can touch everything we absorb with our distinctive characteristics, it will have a very good impact on our products or services, the road to win the wide-open competition, consumers can identify easily our products or services.

2. Receive suggestions and criticism

Suggestions and criticism are our Energy Enhancements Supplements. Always ask for advice and criticism from the nearest people, accept criticism and suggestions from customers or prospective customers, and take the essence of this, it is very appropriate in the effort to build a unique, different, and high competitiveness and selling power

Nothing was in vain from accepting Kiritik and suggestions, it is not impossible from these valuable inputs, able to form a unique character of our business products or services.

As long as we can accept criticism and suggestions with the chest, and make this a trigger for our success, so many positive things we will get.

Knowing the things that customers want too well, because even however, they are the estuary of everything we produce. Make sure we accommodate all the suggestions and criticism that leads to us.

3. Free the free-free idea

There are times when our thoughts and creativity are confined because of ourselves, we sometimes limit milling ideas, do not dare to capture every idea that arises because of various reasons.

I don’t know because we think the idea is difficult to realize, it’s too strange, or too much. Free the mind, make a mindset that free the idea is a good thing, freeing ideas is one of the keys in finding the uniqueness of our products and services.

Let the idea flow freely as possible, never underestimate the power of the idea, because many things that are felt impossible in this world were only in the form of wild ideas that seemed strange and tended to make it up, or a lot arguably fantasy.

There is nothing wrong with an idea, sometimes just ourselves who is too much of our mind to produce that idea.

Monotonous and tend to play safe is the thing we have to avoid. We are trying to find something unique, then we must think beyond our habits.

4. Idea Implementation

After we free the idea of ​​milling, now it’s time for us to implement this idea, it’s time for us to execute idea. If you are still in doubt about applying the idea, then ask for advice from the nearest person or more senior and more successful entrepreneurs from us.

The implementation of the idea is very dependent on mature planning, failing to plan something, it’s the same as planning failure.

If the plan has been arranged carefully, it is time for us to venture to begin a step in the implementation of the idea, and run it with confidence.

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5. Dare to take risks

Many people say, dare to succeed, must dare to take risks. The idiom, sometimes there is true, which distinguishes successful and less successful entrepreneurs, usually only courage in taking risks. Business is about making the right choice among the choices containing high risk.

Business is risk management, and how to deal with the risk of these failures. If in doing business we cannot dare to take risks, it can be ascertained that everything we planned is mature is futile, it is like someone who likes to dream, but doesn’t try to make it happen.

Round the determination, and start your success as early as possible!

6. Patience and consistent

Patience and consistent are easy to say, but it is difficult to run. Many entrepreneurs can not wait for success. Inconsistent in running a business. If a business that we do fail in its implementation, then keep trying, patiently and consistently, surely it will produce good results.

The tendency of entrepreneurs is, just running certain innovations, then the change does not produce results, then immediately desperately, stop innovating, getting it again.

Even if we are consistent, it might be a successful insight. Because sometimes success requires patience and requires more time. The key to doing this is continuously relentless.

7. Evaluation

After planning a mature, and the implementation of the ideas we have. Then an evaluation must be done, where efforts or actions are considered successful, then we have to increase the business or action, while efforts that do not produce something good, we must evaluate, which is the shortcomings, what are the obstacles, even we stop if necessary.

We turn all our power and efforts into things that produce more results. Never be tired of innovating, change and finding the uniqueness and characteristics of our products or services. Perform evaluations within a certain period, such as weekly or monthly evaluations.

Thorough evaluation and following the reality is something we must do, all for the progress of our business in the future.

8. Think Outside The Box

Maybe many of us are still trying to find the uniqueness of the products and services that we have, but with that mindset, conventional, conservative mindset and tend to be afraid to get out of the comfort zone.

If we continue to do it like that, it can be ascertained we will never get fresh ideas.

Think it’s brave, out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself to always be honed in the face of increasingly tight competition. Think with glasses and new horizons of thought, to find the uniqueness of our products or services.

No one denies if uniqueness is one of the keys to a successful product or service. We need to run these things, to produce the uniqueness of our business products or services.

The point is not to ever be tired of running the business. Excited about finding fresh ideas that will become embryos from the uniqueness of our products or services.