Financial Manager: understanding, duties and responsibilities

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Financial Manager understanding duties and responsibilities

Financial Manager: understanding, duties and responsibilities

Financial Manager understanding duties and responsibilities

When working in the company, there are so many not the parts of the work system divided to help work activities. One of the most important parts is a financial manager and financial division that manages the company’s financial statements.

The financial manager in the financial division itself is actually a center for the company can continue to work and develop.

How come? All operational funds are the responsibility of the management of financial managers, therefore do not ignore their performance.

For example, you have to find a financial manager candidate, you have to find a competent and self-progress for the progress of the company. In addition, for those who want to become a Financial Manager Manager and work in the division, it is necessary to understand the following description!

Get to know the definition of financial managers as well as the Finance Division

The description above is discussed briefly regarding the importance of the financial division and financial manager in the way a company. But actually what is the meaning of financial managers and division. So the definition of financial management is an activity to manage the company’s finances, then it consists of planning to obtain funding.

So financial management itself has the purpose of allocating funds also managing existing company assets for certain purposes. Then for financial managers is an individual who works to create the strategy, manage and apply it. In addition to managers, of course the company’s finances are much influenced by their existing financial divisions.

Where for the meaning of the funding division of this funding tasked with planning, implementing, controlling all existing company resources. The purpose of the company’s resources is like employees, the products owned to the location of the construction. All management and activities are used for purposes as supporting work progress effectively is also efficient.

What are the duties of the financial manager?

Well after knowing the meaning of the financial manager and his division, of course it became also necessary to know his duties instead. What are the tasks that must be done by this work division? Let’s look at you together!

1. Work with other managers

For the task of managers from the first and important financial division to understand is being able to work with other managers. The ability to work with other colleagues will certainly help companies develop and minimize work and financial failure. Therefore, it is necessary for a manager to communicative against other colleagues.

2. Make a general financial planning of the company

Another task charged to the work concept of this division is to be able to create a general financial planning of the company. For example, making financial planning in a certain period, such as 1 year of work or a monthly period of work. This manager and division must have the ability to arrange this plan to be developed or evaluated together before being applied.

3. run the company’s wheels as efficiently and as effectively as possible

Another task that must be carried out is to be able to run a company with a company efficiently and effectively. This ability is required so that the company led does not work overly or experience employee salaries. The wheels of the company must run efficiently to get qualified income for further development.

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4. Take decisions in investment

The task of other financial managers who must be done in helping running the company is able to make decisions in investment. In running a company, of course there are investment cooperation activities with other colleagues. Well in this investment decision making the manager must be able to handle it with the investment requirements it is profitable.

5. Responsible in various existing financing decisions

Making the company’s operational financing decisions also cannot be done arbitrarily without calculations. The assignment of this financing decision is one of the other tasks of this division. The financing decision taken by a manager himself, must benefit the company in its operations, you know.

6. Linking companies to the financial market

Another difficult task of the financial manager is working connecting companies that have financial markets. Do not let the existing companies not develop and cannot be able to compete in work competition. So this manager and division of this financial field must innovate and work actively in connecting companies on the market.

7. Tasked with advancing company finances

Furthermore, the task of this division manager is to advance the finances of the company. Do not get funding management will be wrong place and produce losses. Expenditures, income, profit for loss must be recorded and become the responsibility of the manager to be managed.

Responsibility for a financial manager in the Finance Division

In addition to tasks that must be charged to a financial division manager, of course there are responsibilities that must be carried out anyway. What are the responsibilities charged? Here is the description!

1. Coordinating the Control of Company Funds

The responsibility of this division manager himself must be able to coordinate the control of the company’s funds. Do not let each work division of the company have operational costs outside the company’s ability. Financial control must be carried out by financial managers and division.

2. Manage existing accounting functions

In addition to in charge of controlling company funds, the responsibility charged is able to manage the accounting function set. Do not violate the regulations and accounting systems that have been established. Supervision and management of this function is important to maintain the regularity of the company’s finances.

3. Plan and develop a company’s financial system

Furthermore, the responsibility of a financial division manager is planning to develop a financial system in the company. The exact financial strategy of course will make the company’s finance develop. The development of the right financial system will also be able to make progress in a managed company.

4. Ensure the company’s work efficiency

Other responsibilities charged are must be able to ensure the company’s performance efficiently. Not allowed to be routed, may not take less effective work time and swell the company’s finances. The Financial Division manager must be able to keep the company’s performance full of conformity, efficiently effective.

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5. Responsible for maintaining company tax management

The name is a company, then in its performance, of course it will be subject to a work tax. Well, the responsibility of the manager and the division itself must be able to manage existing corporate taxes to be paid on time. Don’t let swelling can happen to keep the company from the tax penalty charged.

6. Maintain cash flow, debt and receivables

For the responsibility of the Division manager itself the last one must be able to maintain cash flows, debts and receivables owned. So don’t let the amount of cash for example, up to Rp. 0, – which will be detrimental. Then it must maintain the flow of company debt so that it is not too swollen and the company’s finances so as not to be redundable.


So, in a financial manager company and the Finance Division is one of the most important work units.

Why is that? This is because the financial division is able to become an operational person who works to manage the company’s financial sector. Where the division will manage entry, outgoing, operational and other funds.

Being a financial manager is indeed needed high skills in good and correct financial management. One of the skills needed is being able to read Keuanga reports correctly and make plans based on the residential report.

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