Financial Management Project: The 6 best tips that can be tried

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Financial Management Project: The 6 best tips that can be tried

Financial Management Project The 6 best tips that can be tried

There is no business that can actively prepare the Corona virus (Covid-19). The scale and impact of this outbreak surprised everyone.

However, some organizations have overcome better than others. Indeed, when concerning financial problems, companies that impose best in financial practices may be in a better position to deal with initial impacts than not.

If you are a CFO or in a similar leadership role, you will be very aware that project financial management is very important.

Having good management habits allow the Ministry of Finance to plan, regulate, direct and control financial activities consistently, responsible and responsive.

This situation requires you to understand the definite status of your project from a financial perspective so as not to suffer losses

Delaying a few days, or even weeks, will damage business strategies because you will not be able to, at the right time, consider what is billed, how much costs are now, and what should be planned in the future.

Now it has entered the New Normal period, it’s the right time to review some of the best practices that you must expect from your project manager, and maybe take the time to provide training about some new ones.

Here are six ways you can build or improve your current best practices and improve your project financial management.

1. Select 2-3 the right metrics to track

Because project managers are generally not experts in interpreting financial data, you need to ensure that the metrics you use for financial project management makes sense to them.

You must have more than one metric. If only one metric for project manager reference can limit their ability to achieve all your financial goals.

For example, if you only see income, you might end up with a low profit, while if you only see profits you might lose your income target.

Project managers need to know the main performance indicators (KPI) and see it with a wider picture.

If one of the metrics you use for the project is profit, make sure they understand how to calculate it. For example, is it a recalculated cost for paid employees working more than 40 hours, or did you use standard rates?

Most organizations will find that metrics such as project profit, budget vs. actual process, and the value obtained is a good blend to provide a complete picture to your manager.

The overall goal is to make managers you can see the right data, so they can make the right decisions at the right time.

2. Make the routine review of the metric as a habit

After you ensure any metric included in the project financial data, also make sure the project manager you see it regularly. Not enough just by encouraging routine reviews – you must make it institutional habits.

This is the best practice to strengthen the importance of these metrics by focusing on the metric in meeting your project review. Every time you meet, start with data reviews before diving into qualitative discussions.

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Regular reviews will help you maintain consistency before you focus on project conversations. Your project manager must be used to seeing their project or dashboard reports every day.

This can be a challenge for project managers who are disturbed by e-mail or other daily tasks that require their attention. Familiarize them to start their day by looking at the financial statements this project is very important.

3. Pay attention to your data entry

The report that will be reviewed by the project manager will be as good as the data behind it, the point is very important to ensure the data is recorded correctly and minimal errors.

If your team includes vendor invoices, weekly eating project managers will not get data and information throughout the week, and this is the wrong thing.

Laking entries with daily time is a matter of consistent. Because later the data can be more monitored and all financial information can produce a faster and faster planning.

Often, business with a level of recording once is a bad behavior on business. The daily time entry needs to be pushed from above.

As a senior leader, you must give an example, no exception.


4. Record payment completed with a percentage

The finished discussion is different from the newly targeted payment. You have to track your project manager’s assessment of the solution to project billing every week.

Most companies do not track percent complete because of busy schedules, and excessive dependence on what you call a barometer for how many have been done.

With accurate percent of complete data, you can reconcile with the amount you have your bill and project schedule to see if you track time and budget.

Working with your project manager to understand the importance of a complete percent will help them increase the speed of project solving. You want to avoid situations where you complete 80% of work with the remaining 20% ​​budget.

Some project managers tend to overestimate the progress of their project during the early stages. You can stop this habit by tracking percent finish as one of your main metrics and adding it to the daily meeting of your project.

5. Let employees perform well giving mentoring

In any business everyone has a contribution in the company, let each employee members have their respective roles. But sometimes there are some more prominent employees and have a better work ethic than others.

Some organizations make guidance programs for people who excel to share teaching to other employees. The mentor program can not only support project managers who are less experienced by teaching them best practices, but also help maintain the best performance on the track.

Apply top-down management. It is very important to provide the right example and show your team that success is obtained through hard work and disciplinary practice.

6. Maximize the potential of each member

Maximizing potential does not mean making things more complicated or time consuming, the more precise thing is that it means using the tools you want to encourage increased financial project performance.

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For example, if you use percent finish to help measure where the project is, you use a powerful metric that can be compared to the project budget to provide a number of the value obtained.

If you have done a public sector contract work in the past, you might already know the analysis of the value obtained.

Track your project with what you have spend, complete, and schedule is the forward planning method that can help you get in front of a project that might slip out your initial plan path

If you have a reliable resource management tool, you can also modify your team’s schedule to optimize the billing rate set to complete various tasks.


In general, you must adopt standard practices around project financial management.

The project manager is a prominent key role but you might want to protect them from financial management and make them stay focused on billing.

Every organization of professional services is different, so you must always apply any best practices that make sense for your business. When New is normal like it’s the right time to review and revise your project financial management process.

For several weeks and the coming month, maybe buying power and the economic level back to normal, this improvement can provide a faster time for your business not to just return to normal taste but also encourage your future growth.

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