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Following the 1st of a couple of foreign acquisitions, intercontinental operations began in 1984 with provider to Europe and Asia. The following year, Federal Express began its first regularly scheduled flight to Europe. In 1988, the agency initiated direct scheduled cargo provider to Japan and bought Tiger International Inc. below a year later. With the mixing of the Flying Tigers network in August 1989, Federal Express became the realm’s largest full carrier, all cargo airline.

The acquisition blanketed routes to 21 international locations, a fleet of 747s and 727s, amenities throughout the world, and Tigers’ overseas airfreight expertise. In 2006, FedEx Corp. bought Florida based Watkins Motor Lines, a leading company of long haul LTL amenities that got its start in 1937. Watkins was rebranded as FedEx National LTL and FedEx Freight Canada. In January 2011, FedEx National LTL merged with FedEx Freight and the agency introduced its two carrier offerings at all lengths of haul across its U. S.

In 2019, FedEx Freight introduced FedEx Freight Direct, a service to meet the needs of the growing e trade marketplace for birth of heavy, bulky products to or in the course of the door for apartments and businesses.

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