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I’m the founder and development manager of a small clothes brand. I would love to know what incentives bigger clothing stores offer their affiliates when it comes to free or discounted items. In definite I’m very interested by lulus. com, but really I am just just a little clueless. I know some give free and others give a coupon.

I also realize it depend upon the man. In definite I’m thinking about about smaller influencers and even if I should give free things to them. There is no guarantee that they will wear it and a few months in of freely giving free items only about half of the folk I gave free items to posted about it. Any advice can be amazing and thank you for your time!Hey Sheree – Yes there are hundreds courses out there like that. Each application is alternative as it’s all up to the associate manager who runs the program so you won’t know until you apply and listen to back. I myself approve associates that don’t have an established blog or website BUT that’s only if they come with a link to a verifiable social media profile that shows content material related to the application I’m handling.

When you apply, be sure to a include a link that shows more about who you are and why you’d be a fit for their software i. e. your social media profile or a bit one page website with info and b a customized note that explains why you are a fit and the way you’d be promoting them. Most affiliates with out dependent internet sites don’t do that, and then they get declined and think it was because of their lack of website. Hope that helps!Hi Justine,Thank you so much for all of the advice you have got provided, it’s a good help to those of us which are new to associate advertising and marketing . Would you be able to discuss if there is a particular way to search for Fashion merchants that are not a part of Shareasale / MagicLinks etc?I have utilized to both and am still looking forward to a reply.

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I have spent hours going to different style sites but they finally end up being partnered with probably the most larger programs. I’m very new and I’m not sure how to get smaller companies to companion with. Any feedback would be tremendously preferred. Thanks again!Hi Justine!I dont are looking to waste it slow and I am completely and totally new at this. But i was just considering if that you could give me your advice on where to start analysis and collecting info on construction a site where i can sale other clothes companies product. Do affiliations and drop shipment agreements and such?Im just shopping for a good place to start and dont want to learn a bunch of the incorrect assistance.

Id want to build a site and begin selling clothing we acquire at the Dallas and LA buyers market, and with a bit of luck team up with some like businesses that carry similar products to what we are looking to put out and sale them on our site in addition. Any advice or course from you is more that liked.