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Our unique algorithms supply surprising performance mechanisms to meet the goals of your crusade. You can optimise towards sales, sign ups or video viewer retention. The algorithms feature complicated mathematical models and data technological know-how to determine the best possible beginning method to your crusade. It’s all handled immediately for you.

We allow the change of settings in our algorithms for clients who are interested in adjusting for themselves, though the default settings typically provide great results for any crusade as the algorithms learn from campaign history to conform and make these changes themselves. We deliver alternative ways to trace the performance of your campaigns. The user interface is pleasant and easy to be aware. It shows all the information you are looking to know about your live video campaigns and gifts you with real time data yes, it updates every second!. Our in particular designed data down load tool permits you to choose actual data out of your campaigns and export it to a spreadsheet for additional analysis. You also can choose between a set of ready made PDF reports that gives you a brief assessment of a campaign and its highlights.

You can easily filter in or out what you are looking to have stated. There is little question that ad fraud is an issue for electronic advertisers today and has been for a few years. Even before the appearance of contemporary programmatic buying methods, “black hat” publishers would try to dupe ad networks with robot application that could click on ads and more. While many in the industry have become used to ad fraud being “priced in” that means that if it went away the cost of inventory would go up instead so the advertiser is not buying it in the end. We think here is a strange mindset and that ad fraud needs to be fought and we work very hard at this. All our filtering is finished in the history by our methods.

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We deploy difficult monitoring and filtering programs that search for fraudulent site visitors in real time. We track more than 2,000 different parameters to trigger alerts and clear out low quality site visitors. While we don’t believe ad fraud can be filtered out 100% we won’t lie to you we predict the vast majority of it can be and as such we put a large number of effort into doing this. In addition, we companion with third party filtering suppliers if we think their generation is a sufficiently good supplement to our own mechanisms. Both.

Some of the area’s finest media buying agencies use Emerse and we are happy to collaborate with businesses around the world. For users with a large number of event, we provide a very in depth level of control via our platform where teams can adjust the optimisation parameters and more for their own campaigns. Some of our best agency relationships have continued for more than seven years and have grown significantly. We also work with a couple of advertisers at once. Some of our advertiser clients have in house electronic ads teams and now and again, even programmatic teams but many others have little or no in house capability and as a substitute rely on our professional facilities to have their campaigns brought without problems on time and beyond their expectancies.