Failure to Increase Sales Target is a Serious Problem, Why?

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Failure to Increase Sales Target is a Serious Problem, Why?

Failure to Increase Sales Target is a Serious Problem Why

Failure is a natural part of selling. Many people say that failure is part of learning, and it is true. Since childhood, we often make mistakes before finally succeeding in doing something. For example, when we have to fall many times before finally being able to walk or ride a bicycle.

The concept of “learning from mistakes” has motivated many people to persist when times are tough. But what if the failures or mistakes aren’t handled properly? What if one failure led you to another?

A study shows that it will be difficult for you to be successful if you fail to increase your sales targets.

When One Failure Leads You to Another Failure

Dr. Michael Ahearne, a colleague at the Stephen Stagner Sales Excellence Institute at the University of Houston, published an article in the Journal of Marketing, entitled, “Learned Helplessness Among Newly Hired Salespeople and the Influence of Leadership.”

Ahearne and his team examined sales behavior, the influence of sales leaders, and how they handled missed targets. They found that salespeople often repeat the same mistakes – which can simply be missed.

During the study, one of the main findings was that salespeople who had poor results (ie, failed to reach their personal goals) tended to quickly change their approach to interacting with consumers.

The more failures they experience, their behavior will also change. From being customer-oriented to being sales-oriented. In other words, they start selling with hard-sell techniques and tend to ignore conditions or consumer perceptions to achieve sales targets – which makes their job even more difficult.

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Customer-Oriented vs Sales-Oriented

As your shop closes, a potential customer comes to your shop and talks to the sales there. Your salesperson, who is eager to make at least one sale before the store closes, will move quickly from basic customer qualification questions to sales.

They don’t try to identify the prospect and only focus on generating sales quickly. This condition tends to make potential customers uncomfortable and eventually leave your store.

In other situations, your salesperson might ask a question or two from potential customers who come in and quickly come up with a recommendation – what they believe is the best option.

Unfortunately, these recommendations are often based on personal experience with other people before, and not based on the needs of the potential customer. This behavior (sales-oriented) can take away the trust of consumers, and without trust, it is difficult to achieve success in sales. There are three questions that you must answer:

What Are the Specific Needs of Your Customers?

When salespeople can understand what the specific needs of consumers are, this indicates customer-oriented behavior. The answer to this question depends on how well your sales can understand the customer.

How Can You Solve Your Customers’ Problems?

The essence of customer-oriented behavior is to provide the right solutions to meet the needs of your customers. When your salesperson can show that your product is the right solution to a consumer’s problem, selling tends to happen more easily.

Why Don’t Consumers Buy?

Salespeople who can identify the reasons someone doesn’t want to buy can improve their ability to empathize. When your salespeople can feel what consumers feel, they (sales and consumers) share the same taste, so the recommendation of the sales is easier to accept.

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