Facebook Ads Review: Rules to get ads approved. Quickly!

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I attempted to boost a Facebook Live Video dated February 28, 2018, eight times over period of one week and it the boosts remain ‘In review’ for more than 24 hours. I left 2 of the boosts ‘In review’ for 72 hours and that they were not conventional or declined. I removed 6 of the boosts, modified the outline text and also have 2 boosts to two various audiences sitting ‘In Review’. I have a new Facebook Live video dated March 7, 2018 that still has 2 boosts ‘In Review’ and I am waiting for a reaction from Facebook. I have boosted many of my Facebook Live Videos and never had this issue before.

Thoughts?I’m using click to web page ads. My ads get approved and run well for a month. Then, my ads abruptly get disapproved with the explanation: “Your ad wasn’t approved because it includes content material that promotes the sale or use of adult merchandise or amenities. We don’t allow images or videos that show nudity or cleavage, even supposing it’s portrayed for artistic or tutorial reasons. Keep in mind that ads for family planning and contraception are allowed if they follow our concentrated on requirements.

You can learn more about our commercials instructions in our policy site before you resubmit your ad. If you think your ad follows the rules and will have been authorized, please let us know. ” I send a request to Facebook for Appealing a Disapproved Ad but there’s no reply. So, I don’t understand how to fix my ads to get approved again. Can you tell me what can I do to fix this issue?Hi Massimo!Great article.

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I am presently operating an Ad for my free weight loss ebook called “Top 3 REAL Reasons You Can’t Drop Stubborn Fat”. I has been approved with the ebook title in it, but after having a session with a person from Wordstream who I am running my ad through, he advised I change the main image with was just of me with trees in the heritage to a bit more engaging photo – maybe of a person working out or anything associated to weight loss. I converted the photo to a picture I had of me lifting weights after which it was disapproved. I transformed it to a “pissed off” searching woman and it was disapproved again. I’m unsure whether it is the photograph or if maybe now it’s anything in the text.