Exploring the Benefits of Google Trends

Do you recognize someone who hasn’t ever used Google?Me neither. Google has become part of people’s daily lives as nearly each person uses it to some skill, some more or under others. It is the world’s most popular and most customary search engine, with greater than 1. 5 billion users worldwide. In fact, Google tactics an ordinary of around 40,000 search queries per second!This proves that Google really has become ingrained in people’s daily, online existence, becoming the hub that people consult with if they have a question or query about a definite topic.

However, just as interesting, is Google’s data collection of search query informations, permitting users to view some highly useful and fascinating data which can be used for marketing and research functions. If you haven’t yet, say hello to Google Trends. Google Trends is a web tool that helps users visualise and discover trends in people’s search behaviour within Google Search, Google News, Google Images, Google Shopping and YouTube. It is a really useful gizmo when it involves reviewing the fulfillment of a corporation’s SEO strategy. It will not just allow users to see what topics and queries were prevalent in searches but will also give access to data containing how often precise searches have been made over a definite time period, so that you can specify in the filters. The data can then be visualised by Google, generating a trend graph of the searched topic over the certain period of time, permitting you to successfully examine the results.

The Search Volume Index graph can be utilized to visualize the queries of up to 5 different searches at a similar time, enabling you to conduct analyses and comparative research.

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