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When you reach 10 usd they send this message. Hello,I am contacting you today from the Exoclick Compliance team. On review of your sites performance we have decided to reject your sites as they aren’t meeting the expectations of our advertisers. As such no pending earnings may be paid, as some advertisers will wish to be compensated. No details can be provided to you as to why this action has been taken for security reasons.

Additionally your account has been closed as we may be not be able to work with you in the future. Any added new accounts that you simply sign up might be due to this fact closed down. We wish you well in your future endeavors. Best regards,BryanHead Of ComplianceCompliance TeamExoclick Customer Services i’am an advertisor, I have paid $200 to promote my product. They approve every doc and ask me to pay.

After paid money, suddlnly they blocked my account and sent mail. your account deleted. I was greatly surprised and write a mail, ask them reason, I have got reply of the common FAQ url. still i dont take into account, why they blocked my account. anyway i asked refund. I got a reply after complain to the paypal, we shall return withen cuple of days.

since nearly month, still i didn’t get my money back. They are big scammers. well planned and dishonest people. Pls be alert and don’t trust them.

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