Exhibition: understanding, benefit, and purpose in marketing

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Exhibition: understanding, benefit, and purpose in marketing

The exhibition is one of the many ways used to display products to the general public with the aim of exchanging information and also negotiating trade. So, what exactly is the exhibition? And what are the benefits and goals in the marketing world?

On this occasion, we will discuss the definition of the complete exhibition along with the objectives, types and benefits of the exhibition.

Understanding Exhibition

Basically, exhibitions or commonly called exhibitions come from foreign languages, namely English, namely exhibition. Simply put, exhibition is a demonstration, show or a spectacle.

Reporting from the Wikipedia page, the understanding of the exhibition is a form of activity where there are many sellers that market their products, both products in the form of goods or services, to prospective buyers.

Experts say that the definition of exhibition is a form of activity that presents certain art or products to be informed to many people so that it can be appreciated in any form.

This exhibition activity has certain characteristics that can distinguish them with other events, namely exhibitions are ways to inform something intuitive, complex, visual, and also clear. In addition, two-way communication will occur in the exhibition between the organizers and the public.

In general, this exhibition activity will attract many people, so often used as a place of imaging by the company to the community. The exhibition is a public activity that is a large-scale comprehensive nature, making it possible to be covered into news.

So, the exhibition is an activity held as a medium to suggest ideas or ideas to the public in various forms, such as culture, education, artwork, certain products, etc. In other words, the understanding of the exhibition is a form of promotional activities carried out by certain producers, organizations or speaking services to display their products to prospective buyers.

Understanding of exhibitions based on experts

  • Isabel Briggs Myers.

Isabel Briggs Myers argues that the understanding of the exhibition is an activity that involves the room and displays artwork such as carvings, photo images, paintings, etc.

  • Evelina Lidia

Evelina Lidia believes that the understanding of the exhibition is a form of activity that can be held by an independent organization and its nature is open to the community.

  • Freed E. Han and Kenneth G. Mangun

Freed E. Han and Kenneth G. Mangun said that the understanding of the exhibition is a very effective form of marketing for certain product campaigns, socialization of several company programs, and also informs the superiority of products to the public, as well as an effort to increase market share.

  • Frank William Jefkins.

Frank William Jefkins argues that the understanding of an exhibition of a form of marketing that is able to touch the entire five senses of many people.

  • Adi Irwanto.

Adi Irwanto said that the understanding of the exhibition was one of the many ways to showcase two-dimensional or three-dimensional art works visually.

Exhibition destination

The main objective of the exhibition is basically to show off or display a work of art or product to the community, and to obtain opinions or appreciation from the community related to the products displayed. The exhibition also has another purpose, namely:

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1. commercial purpose

Exhibition activities that aim for commercial are an exhibition activities that aim for every work on display can be purchased by the visitors, so that the organizers can benefit.

Every involved in the exhibition can also sell its products to the right consumers. In addition, the company also has the opportunity to access its consumers intimately and effectively.

2. Collect information

By conducting exhibition activities, all parties involved have the opportunity to gather and also get information on developing trends in an industry. Thus, every party involved in exhibition activities will understand the industry which has become the business field of its company.

3. Humanity goals

Exhibition activities carried out for humanitarian purposes are a form of exhibition activities carried out for the benefit of coaching, preservation, value, and also developing cultural artworks that develop in the community.

Later, the results of the sale of the work produced by the exhibition will be donated to humanitarian activities, such as orphanages, disaster victims, etc.

4. Social Destination

Exhibition activities carried out for social purposes are exhibition activities carried out for social interests. Later, the results of the sale of products or exhibition tickets will be donated for the purposes of social activities.

Exhibition function

In the process of implementation, there are several exhibition functions that many parties can be obtained. Some of the exhibition functions are:

1. Educational function

Educational functions at exhibitions are useful for providing education and training the wider community in understanding the meaning of human spiritual expertise. Why is this very useful? Because this activity is able to rebalance the memory and also the human view of the surrounding environment.

2. Appreciation function

Exhibition is very useful for use as a medium in expressing appreciation to artists, so that visitors will express their appreciation to artists and results.

3. Achievement function

The exhibition also serves to help spur art activists to be able to achieve in producing a work that is very inspiring.

4. Recreation function

The exhibition is also useful for relex media and also breaks away from various pressure everyday activities that are very draining a lot of thoughts and energy.

Benefits of Exhibition

Based on the meaning of exhibitions and functions and its objectives, the benefits of exhibition activities are the right facilities for artists and the creators of work to improve and develop a product or artwork. The exhibition is also useful as a means for the general public in improving and developing its ability to appreciate the artists and product creators.

Not only that, with the exhibition, it will help the community more able to provide evaluations or assess works objectively, not subjective. The exhibition also provides many experience to artists and product creators.

Another benefit of the exhibition is as a means of training related communities to organize or plan an activity and as a means of relaxation and refreshment, both for the community or the organizers.

Types of exhibitions

In general, there are two types of exhibitions that are distinguished into a customer-oriented dag and exhibition exhibition.

1. Trade show

The definition of trade shows is a type of exhibition held for certain industries, such as the trade and manufacturing industry. The main objective is to exchange information and also negotiate trade.

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Generally, those invited to trade shows are only certain people, very rarely the general public accepted in exhibitions like this. Some examples are exhibitions of East Food Indonesia, Communic Asia, Iffina, and Hongkong Fashion Week.

2. Consumer-oriented exhibition

The definition of consumer-oriented exhibition is a form of exhibition involving a number of different industries to market their products to the public. Basically, this exhibition will display consumer goods to be sold directly. This exhibition is also held to attract interest or certain people.

Some examples of consumer-oriented exhibitions are Giias, Big Bad Wolf Book Sale, Jakarta Smart Living Expo, etc.

The exhibition can also be distinguished based on the length of time the implementation of the exhibition, namely:

1. Fixed exhibition

The definition of exhibition remains is a form of exhibition that displays various collections of collections from the Indonesian National Gallery held periodically based on the concept of the curatorial, in which the implementation is carried out by the Indonesian National Gallery. Usually, this type of exhibition will be held regularly within a certain period of time, such as once a year or a few months.

2. Temporary Exhibition

The definition of a temporary exhibition is a type of exhibition carried out together or a single in a certain period of time by showing off a variety of artwork held by the Indonesian National Gallery or in collaboration with other companies. Generally, this type of exhibition is held for a minimum of 10 days or a maximum of 30 days.

3. Mobile exhibition

The understanding of the mobile exhibition is an exhibition that displays or exhibits various collections from the Indonesian National Gallery or from outside the Galai which is enlivened in several regions in Indonesia or abroad. This exhibition will be held by the Indonesian National Gallery or in collaboration with other parties where the time of the implementation will last at least 10 days.


Based on the explanation above, we can draw the conclusion that the understanding of the exhibition is a form of activity held to display a product, artwork, or other works to the community. The aim is to display products from various industries, technology, books, artwork, property, business, automotive, etc.

That is a complete explanation of the understanding of the exhibition, complete with functions, goals, benefits and types. Hopefully it can increase your knowledge in the world of marketing. However, the important thing to do by the company is not only focused on marketing, but also from financial management, product management, and other things in the field of accounting.

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