Excellent service: understanding and how to deliver it in business

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Excellent service: understanding and how to deliver it in business

Excellent service understanding and how to deliver it in business

In the business world, especially for business services, there are many strategies to make a successful business. In addition to reliable marketing strategies, a business also requires excellent service so that it can make consumers comfortable and happy. But, what is meant by excellent service and how to get it in a business?

Excellent service or also known as Excellent Service is an effort to an agency, organization or effort to provide the best service to customers. The purpose of this service is only one, which is to make customers satisfied so that it can increase other aspects such as sales, profit etc.

Is the excellent service?

To provide the best service is not easy, especially with the variety of existing consumers. However, every business can present excellent service into the business while knowing the concept and what to do. Here are seven basic concepts of service needed in every business:

1. Attitude

The first thing to have to provide the best service and excellent is a good attitude. What is meant by a good attitude in this matter is quite extensive, but it can start from being neat, friendly and attention. These three attitudes can make customers comfortable and happy so they have the opportunity to come back again.

Keep in mind that the company’s image will be seen from the attitude and behavior of the employees. Therefore, make sure the employees in a business can give good first impressions to customers. In order for this to be achieved, the company or business can help by providing training and a neat uniform for its employees.

2. Attention

Like women, customers are also happy to get the attention of the employees. Therefore, when there are customers coming, give small attention such as giving warm greetings and smiles. Small forms like this will make customers pay attention and are warmly accepted.

In addition, when consumers need something, employees must be responsive and reactive. Do not delay in serving consumers especially if they are ready and need to be served. Small attitudes and attention like this are actually not written in SOPs, but will be very helpful if they run.

3. Action

The last concept that needs to be considered in excellent service is action. This concept is related to the previous two concepts, where attitudes and attention must be shown in the form of real action. One simple example of action that shows good attitude and attention to customers is to open the door when there are customers wanting to enter or exit.

4. Ability

A friendly attitude is not enough to provide the best service, but also needed good abilities. For example, if someone serves as a cook, then the person must have reliable cooking abilities to be able to provide excellent service. This also applies to other positions too.

5. Appearance

Good service can not only be shown through attitude but can also be from appearance. Appearance can be assessed from two things, namely outside appearance and non-physical appearance such as speaking style. To give a good physical appearance, give uniforms so that all employees can look uniform and pleasing to see.

Next, for non-physical appearances, give training regarding the procedures for speaking or how to behave with people. For example, if the business owned by the main customer is a parent, then make sure the employees know how to deal with parents. Because of how to talk to young people and parents are very different.

6. Responsible

Every employee must have a sense of responsibility in carrying out his job. When employees are responsible, the tasks that are run will run well and maximally. This will certainly affect the services provided to customers.

7. Sympathy

The last thing that needs to be considered in providing services is sympathy for customers. However, sometimes there are conditions where employees must have a sense of sympathy to customers. For example, if there are pregnant women or parents waiting in line, it’s good if the customer takes precedence first.

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Why is excellent service important in a business?

Excellent service is one of the important keys in running a business, especially for the service business. Today many companies sell similar products or services, but the services provided are different. And this is what can distinguish one company with another company.

One of the objectives of providing excellent service is to provide satisfaction with customers who come. If customers who come are satisfied and happy with the services provided, then they will potentially come back. This can make them become a permanent customer or loyal to the company.

If the customer feels satisfied and happy, then it does not close the customer’s chances recommend the place to others. This method will certainly provide benefits to the company and potentially provide additional income.

Ways to deliver the best service in business

Every company can actually present the best service in its business. And the methods are not difficult to apply while knowing the procedure. Here are some tips and easy ways to be able to provide excellent service in a business:

1. Give a friendly greeting

One easy to provide excellent service in a business is by applying friendly greetings to customers who come and exit. So, business people can put one employee at the entrance in charge to welcome the guests who come. Besides being welcomed, the employee is responsible for serving employees to place an order.

2. Give a service time limit

How to make customers satisfied and happy is to give a long waiting time. Therefore, give the service time limit, for example since the customer message until the food comes, the time limit is 10 minutes. This limitation can be informed to customers or can be used as an internal rule.

3. Responsive and reactive

Make sure that in the business have sufficient number of employees to be responsive if there is a problem. Don’t make customers wait too long when you need something. This can be avoided by the distribution of detailed and clear tasks for everyone.

4. Perform surveys and evaluations

One way to see whether the service provided is satisfying or not, hold a survey to customers. This can be done when customers have finished transacting or before they get out of the company. Next, collect the results of the survey so that it can be seen anything that is good and needs to be maintained. And any side that still needs to be developed again.

So, excellent service is an important aspect that can be the key to the success and success of a business. However, the key to a good service is a human who runs it. This can be obtained by continuing to carry out self-development or employees by conducting training for company employees.


5. Pay attention to appearance

The appearance is very necessary in adhering the best service to customers, because with the best appearance can certainly convince customers when your business provides services.

For example if you are looking for employees with a position as a receptionist, your employees must have good words, attractive appearance, have a porpoized body, and others.

6. All willingness to serve

Employees must be professional or must be truly in serving their customers wholeheartedly, as their duties must be prepared to serve customers who really need assistance related to services or products sold.

7. Knowledge and skills

In order to serve well, then employees must have qualified knowledge and skills in the field they have done. For example service officers who have a certain level of education or training, their positions must be in accordance with their skills.

8. On time and promise

In service, employees do their duties if they make promises with customers must be calculated first, whether the time and appointment can be arrested, for example holding meetings with customers in the period of 3 days, it must be fulfilled.

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9. honesty and trust

In doing services must have honesty aspects in all things, whether it is honest in the form of rules, honest in the form of financing and honest in completing work on time. If you are honest, service officers can be believed in various aspects for example in terms of their words, their attitude, in doing work, and others.

10. Effesien

Services to the community or customers must be effective and effective, because customers demand these things. So that it can produce cheap costs, a short and appropriate time, and the results of quality services. Therefore efficient and effective is the thing that must be realized and must be a serious concern in doing services.

11. Legal Certainty

If the results of the service conducted to customers in the form of a decision, must have legal certainty. If it does not have a clear legal certainty, it will affect the attitude of the community, for example in the ministry to take care of securities if the legal uncertainty is found it will affect the credibility of the company or service.

12. Openness

Every business or activity that treats permission, then openness needs to be done. The attitude of openness will affect the clarity of information to the community or the customer.

13. Cost

In service, the need for fair financing determination. Therefore the costs must be adjusted to the purchasing power of the community, it must be transparent, and according to the regulations.

14. Not racial

In conducting services may not discriminate the race, ethnicity, religion and politics, so it must serve evenly.

15. Simplicity

Procedures or procedures for service to customers must be easier and not convoluted in its implementation.


That is a complete disagreement about excellent service and also the thing you need to pay attention to to add excellent and best service in your business. The best service is the most important thing you do if your business wants to grow and have satisfied customers, especially if your business is the service field.

Coming excellent service starts from choosing the best employees and applying SOPs that are in accordance with the company’s culture and also must be oriented to customer satisfaction. If you use the various tips above, it’s likely to be a lot of customers satisfied with your service and become a fixed customer.

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