Exact marketing strategy to get money from a blog

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Exact marketing strategy to get money from a blog

Exact marketing strategy to get money from a blog

At present, there are millions of blogs on the internet. Unlike the early 2000s, where getting money from a blog is quite easy, the competition in the world of blogging is very tight.

The topic you want to write about must have been discussed by another blog. In other words, you are competing with other bloggers to get money from your blog.

Blogs that you make cannot produce anything by themselves, also cannot make money if without the reader. So, besides the content, the other most important work is marketing.

There are many ways so that your blog is often visited by the reader. This depends on the reader’s demographics, the target market that you are promoting, and the resources you have.

Get to know the base and marketing concept

Marketing is not something difficult, but to succeed still needed understanding and strategy. In this post, we will discuss the basic concept of marketing so you can apply the most suitable marketing strategy to get money from your blog.

In addition, the marketing concept that we discussed can also be used to promote yourself as a freelance writer, or your other skills.

Basic marketing concepts

There are several basic steps in marketing or marketing that you should know first before starting to market your blog. Let’s recognize some basic marketing concepts:

Set the target market

Many readers are interested in the various information that you write on the blog. Set the reader’s demographics based on age, gender, and other parameters. To get information about who, domicile, and how the readers get to your blog, use the statistical features on the blog (stats).

You can also use facilities from third parties, Google Analytics for example. Google Analytics offers more complete demographic data, so it is highly recommended that your blog be equipped with Google Analytics.

Find out where your market target is

The promotion you do will be in vain if it’s not spread in the right place. So, find out where your market target is, blogs or websites, and the social media they use.

Don’t just be piled up on online promotions, find out also about the magazines they read, the shop where they used to shop, or events like what they attended.

Make the right topic

Now you know who and where your target market is, it’s time to attract their attention. Find out more specific topics, the issue they are talking about, then associate with the topic you often discuss on the blog.

For example, this blog often discusses SEO and how to increase traffic, and we know that bloggers are often confused about SEO because they are considered too complicated. So, to attract the attention of the reader, we make such posts, “How to Increase Website Ranking on Google”.

Optimizing the title to attract people’s attention is the first step to get money from your blog.


After you have topics and posts that can attract readers, spread to various social media that are most widely used by them, spread it in newsletters, and others.

Advantages and Benefits of Marketing

Several things are often difficult to do by beginners in the field of marketing. First, find out the target market. Second, find the right message or topic to attract readers.

Most beginners are more often focused on great things about their blog when they should focus on how their blogs provide benefits to the reader (benefits).

For example, readers want information about cheap online advertising service providers or how to use marketing strategy, but we even give a message like “we are a cheap advertising service provider”.

A message like this is ignored because it is not attractive enough and eye-catching. For example, “by using our marketing services, then you will get A, B, C, and D,” is a message that can more attention.

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In conclusion, marketing is not about yourself, marketing is about how your posts can be useful for others. When you focus on how to solve other people’s problems, the reader will come by itself.

Marketing goal

Another problem that is often faced by beginners is about setting goals. When marketing articles say that you have to build an email list or optimize Twitter while you don’t understand the purpose, it will only waste time.

Increase traffic and make money from blogs may not be your main goal. Maybe for you, it’s all the final compensation, but if you just tweet and say “Visit my blog”, until whenever you will never succeed. Instead, set another goal that can increase the number of your blog readers, for example:

  • Increase the number of subscribers in the email list.
  • Increase the number of social media followers.
  • Build influence (credibility and expertise) to your target market or reader.
  • Build good relationships with your readers.

Of course, perhaps you have another purpose, depending on the blog and the marketing method you use. The main points are, every marketing tactic you do must be based on purpose.

For example, a tweet on the invitation to join the email list aims to increase the number of subscribers. Sharing the latest posts on social media aims to increase the number of readers, influences, and good relations with the reader.

Marketing strategy

The following are some marketing strategies that you can use to get money from your blog.

The Blog Marketing Wheel

There are many books discussing marketing, but only a few offer ways to develop the marketing strategy they say. Marketing can be very difficult without planning and a system.

In this post, we will discuss several methods on how to promote your blog. But before we get there, we want to equip you with several tools that can help you set the marketing concept so that it doesn’t sound so scary.

Marketing Wheel helps you visually about how to set a marketing strategy for the blog you have. The center is the center of your blog and the five circles that surround it represent the marketing area.

  • Hub: This is your blog, the center of the Marketing Wheel.
  • Social / Community: Social Media is useful for reaching out to your business.
  • Outreach: Another activity you did outside the blog like Guest Blogging, Podcasts, or your participation in groups and forums.
  • Media / PR: Media used for publication, including media kits.
  • Events: Events or events such as workshops or seminars.
  • Products / Services: At first, your product is just a blog, but when your blog is growing, you can offer other products such as ebooks or offer services such as writing services related to the topic of your blog.

Arriving here, you are ready to study a more specific marketing strategy. You don’t have to use all strategies, choose what if you match your target market. If your target market is not on Twitter, for example, then you don’t have to use Twitter.

Email Marketing.

We have never met an online entrepreneur who does not have an email list or email address list. Most beginner bloggers ignore this because of the time and costs that must be incurred.

But, when you take into account the benefits that can be obtained from the email list, this strategy that you don’t want to miss just like that. This is very important, we categorize it as part of the blogging business center. Why? Because email has the power to:

  • Build trust. The more people believe in you, then they will more often visit your blog. It is necessary to increase your blog’s income.
  • Maintain relationships with target markets. Most readers do not use RSS Feeds to stay connected with your blog (mostly not even understand about RSS Feeds). Emails are useful to remind them, your target market, about the existence of your blog and remind them to visit.
  • Boost sales. How many emails in the inbox do you inform everything you have to buy? Meanwhile, you don’t want to constantly love your subscriber with various kinds of advertisements, right? Then occasionally, give them interesting offers. If they trust you, they will buy it happily.
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Build Email List

Making an email list is not too difficult, but still requires time and planning. When you visit another blog or a website, you will see a box that invites you to register (sign up) in their email list, which usually offers gifts for it.

Here are some things that need to be done to create an email list:

  • Find or make a kind of gift (freebie) to be given as reciprocity.
  • Register for the Email List service provider.
  • Enter the sign-up code to your blog.
  • Promote your freebie and blog.
  • When people sign up for email lists, they will receive notifications automatically.
  • Send a bid email to the list in the email list.

Offering free content and service

Some affiliates provide a kind of report that can be used as a freebie. But, not all. If not, don’t panic, you can make it yourself and it’s not too difficult.

The easiest step to make Freebie is by making 4 to 20-page reports. If you know interesting topics, you can make your reports. To make it, what you need is Microsoft Word or Open Office and convert it to PDF so that readers can download it.

If you don’t have your product or don’t have a lot of time to make it, another option is to buy it from Private Label Rights (PLR). If you search (Example: chocolate PLR), you will find several ebooks, reports, e-mail courses, and video tutorials on several topics selected.

Buy the product you want, edit to fit your blog, then offer it as a freebie (or sell it). Make sure you don’t copy all of it but write it back so that the content is unique, quality, and has a distinctive characteristic.

Create free deals online

Free offers will persuade readers to register on your blog. When doing it, the list will automatically send the offer you provided. To get a free offer that can be given to the subscribers, you must first post it online. Here’s how:

  • Enter this web hosting and log.
  • From cPanel, click File Manager.
  • Your domain is usually registered. Click “Go”, and it will open in the new tab.
  • Click the Public_HTML file icon. You will see some files there. Don’t change anything, just let it stay so.
  • You can place your offer in the folder, make sure the folder is in the public_html folder.
  • From the folder where Freebie is located, click the “Upload” icon on the page.
  • Click “Browse” to search for freebie ➔ “Open” files.
  • When it’s finished, click “Back to / Home” and you will be in a public_html file again.
  • That’s it, your free offer is now online. To make sure this is successful, open your browser and type your domain name with the file name (example: yourdomain.com/yourbookname.pdf). If the uploaded file is correct, this will appear in the browser. Save the link so you can easily send it back to the new subscriber.


Many steps need to be taken to get money from the blog you wrote. But if you devote a little effort and intention, then getting money from the blog is quite easy.

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