EvaDav Review : Is It Reliable Push Ad Network? Read Here

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Although EvaDav is a new ads network, it commonly offers numerous superior elements that other push ads networks didn’t do so. Some of these facets come with a simple registration and approval technique, high great attention based ads, minimal payments also followed by the quick bills, a self-service platform and an easy to use reporting system, targeted statistics, a hybrid account, a sponsorship program, etc. Unlike many other ad networks where the publisher has to wait months, EvaDav offers weekly bills and that quite wonderful about this tool, Since they pay publishers per week, that’s pretty wonderful. Each time you reach your minimal fee limit, you can be paid each week without any questions asked.

And also they assist diverse fee channels like Paypal, Bank Account transfer, and more. In fact, EvaDav offers the easiest way to augment publishers’ income as it is among the best ways to monetize your site visitors. EvaDav commonly offers a new monetization format tailored on your site, corresponding to: For instance, push notifications, fast integration, exceptional content material, and the maximum eCPM rate are the main attractive option for publishers for all of the ad codecs. The better part that I liked most about this platform is that it mainly supports multiple bills methods so that you receive a commission hassle-free. Here it supports major structures like PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer, ePayments, Webmoney, Paxum, Swift along the bank transfer too and others.

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