Enhanced Ecommerce Setup for WordPress

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If you are using an off site Payment Service Provider, reminiscent of the PayPal Standard, you have one additional problem: The transaction doesn’t happen on your online page and PayPal doesn’t have Google Analytics integration, so the transaction data can’t be passed on for every purchase. I’m saying “for each purchase” here, because for it is feasible to redirect users back to your “thank you” page and retrieve the transaction data IF the user pays with their PayPal account as opposed to paying with credit card and IF the user clicks on the “return to merchant” button after the purchase. The options that both IFs are true for each acquire on your online page are pretty much null. From a digital advertising perspective, PayPal certainly is NOT my preferred choice, as it means trading customization, user event, and ecommerce tracking on your comfort.

There’s not anything wrong with happening that path when you’re just getting began, but when you are concerned about growing to be your organization that applies to nonprofits just up to it does for advertisement businesses, make sure to always put your customers first. Keeping them on your site throughout the entire checkout procedure via an included fee gateway is a best observe to follow of course that you need to follow defense best practices besides.

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