Engagement Rate is: understanding, factor, and how to measure it

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Engagement Rate is understanding factor and how to measure it
Engagement Rate is understanding factor and how to measure it

Engagement Rate is: understanding, factor, and how to measure it

Engagement Rate is a Sebutuan that is often used in the world of digital marketing, especially in social media marketing. This term is used as a tool in measuring the involvement of followers or followers in a social media account. Well, to get to know more about and understand the engagement rate, let’s discuss deeper in the following article.

Engagement rate is

Today, social media is one part that tastes difficult to be separated from human life. This paltform is considered effective to release tiredness over a tiring busyness, sharing experiences with many people, even being the fastest means of getting informasion updated.

One of the most frequently used social media is Instagram social media. This application is a place for many people to spend a lot of time, looking for a variety of content that they really enjoy. In addition, Instagram is also an application to share content with a photo base, image, or attractive design.

For this reason, many digital marketing activists make it a powerful means of doing marketing. The marketing activists will usually direct their brands and sales to some more specific individuals and in accordance with their respective company brand criteria.

But unfortunately, there are still many marketers who are still lacking in and understanding regarding the best ways to use the social media. For this reason, the understanding of the Engagement Rate is very important to understand by all parties who are experts in the SiSIA media.

Quoted from the official HopperHQ page, the Engagement Rate is a standard metric that is utilized in social media marketing in measuring performance on content on social media platforms, especially in Instagram and Facebook.

This indicator is very important and understood by influencers and digital marketers to assess the involvement of the audience with the post they have published.

If a content can get a lot of attention from the followers, then public knowledge on a brand will automatically increase. Engagement Rate can also be used as a research tool to understand the wishes of the audience based on their number of interactions with some or certain content. It can be rated directly which post has the most or less engagement number.

Some factors affect Engagement Rate

Reporting from the Sproutsocial page, a factor that was able to influence the level of engagement was in fact it was very difficult to be shed by. Moreover, there is no particular definition related to the audience involved because an interaction will continue to change according to the context and also the media used.

However, there are at least several factors that are able to affect the Engagement Rate by the platform used. For websites, the factor that affects the engagement rate is the average length of visitors on a page, the average page view, depth scroll, bounce rate, number of shares and various forms of conversion.

For the social media world, some factors that affect are the number of likes, shares and comments on each of its content. For Facebook’s social media platform, the factors that influence it are comments, reactions, clicks, and shares. To be on LinkedIn, the factors that influence it are POST, click, interaction, and followers obtained.

Whereas for Instagram, which is capable of affecting engagement rates is likes and comments. To be on Twitter, Retweet, comments and likes are factors that affect engagement rates. For on Pinterest, some affecting engagement rates are likes, comments and pins. As for the Kempaye email, the Open Rates and Click-Through Rates are the factors of the engagement rate.

However, most of the mulit channels will usually involve the measurement of engagement rates in several media. In addition, every digital marketer will also get information whether the marketing strategy has touched what target has not been with the help of etherlibery audience.

If the value of involvement in it turns out it is not good enough, then the marketing team must change the entire content that is contained in it for a better one.

Why is Engagement Rate very necessary?

Engagement Rate is probably an indicator that will take a lot of time marketers because there are many things that the herus is noticed in using it. Even so, this indicator is the main key so that a brand can explode and develop on social media.

In addition to being used for the success measuring instrument on a contentene, the engagement rate also serves to increase the effcetivity of marketing team performance on social media. The following is the full explanation.

1. Providing a clearer exposure to audience activities

Most people will generally prefer a post because they see people around him also do the same. The number of likes that increases open means a post has a good value in the eyes of the audience. Because, there are lots of content out there who have no too much likes but are sought after on social media.

For this reason, Engagement Rate is used as a measuring instrument to filter the activities of the followers, by expressing what their needs and various things that are currently becoming a trend.

2. Glasses to see competitor performance

A simple example we can take is a world singer named Lady Gaga, he only memunayi of the Engagement Rate number of 0.6% in 2015 on Facebook. In fact, you need to know that the official page of Facebook itself only has only 0.9% engagement rates.

Based on the calculations taken from Social Mediatoday, we can conclude that some big names can still make mistakes in their own marketing. For this reason, Engagement Rate can be used as the best tool for assessing competitor performance in other companies.

The competitor’s engagement rate will be high if the social media campaign that is done is indeed developing. This can be used as a medium of study for marketing teams by monitoring how competitors convey the message and metrics of the stretegi they apply every day.

This applies if competitors experience the amount of decline, Pohak Marketer can see what factors make the engagement rate number.

How do you measure engagement rates?

Likes, Comments, and Shares are a few metrics that can be used to measure engagement rates. However, the metric is very diverse, depending on what channel is used. For example, to measure engagement rates, then you must consider Saved and Add to Story metrics. The following are some ways you can use to assess and measure engagement rates on social media.

1. Engagement rate by Reach

The calculation of the engagement rate based on the number of Reach will be more accurate than just calculations based on followers. Why? Because the reality is not all followers can see content published on social media, those who don’t follow it can also see your content.

In addition, the Reach figure that continues to change is also influenced by the number of ERR pad posts that have been calculated. Well, to measure Engagement Rate by REACH, then you can use the ER formula = Total Engagements per Post / Reach per POST X 100.

2. Engagement rate post

The calculation of the engagement rate based on the Post can you use if your social media has a fluctuating Reach Post number. With the distribution through followes numbers, the engagement rate will be more stable. But, this calculation will not affect the engagement rate value of a higher viral post with a higher REACH, because the formula used is ER = total engagements on a post / Total followers x 100

3. Engagement Rate Impressions

This calculation is very suitable for use in its position that requires an immediate calculation. However, this impression rate can change and not fixed. The formula for calculating is er = total engagements on a post / total impressions x 100

4. Daily engagement rate

This type of calculation will make it easier for you to get the Engagement Rate range per day, not per post. But, this method is considered not too accurate because later you will find it difficult to distinguish one follower that Engage repeatedly with many followers that only engage in one day. The formula that can be used is er = total engagements in a day / total followers x 100

5. Engagement Rate Views

The calculation value carried out based on this view is very suitable if your brand or brand becomes a major content in achieving engagement. You need to know that views are different from Unique Views. That means, 1000 the number of views you get can come from 300 users who watch repeatedly. To calculate it, you can use the ER formula = Total Engagements on Video Post / Total Video views x 100


Based on the explanation above, we can conclude that the Engagement Rate is a standard metric used in social media marketing in measuring performance on a content on the social media platform or website.

There are many factors that affect the engagement rate value, depending on the platform used. However, this metric is very important to use by every marketing team so that the marketing strategy can be done properly, and the company can continue to grow rapidly.

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