Employee Performance: Definition and Factors that Influence Employee Performance

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Employee Performance Definition and Factors that Influence Employee Performance

Employee Performance: Definition and Factors that Influence Employee Performance

Employee Performance Definition and Factors that Influence Employee Performance

As we already know together that employee performance greatly affects the level of success in a company. Good employee performance will follow good results on the company’s business development. Conversely, poor employee performance will also have a negative impact on the company’s success.

The results of this employee performance can be assessed from aspects of quality, quantity, work time and also cooperation in achieving goals that have been determined by the company.

All depends on the quantity and also the time used by the employee in doing his work. Employee performance factors can also be seen from work time, delay, absentee number and duration of employees.

Understanding of employee performance

Every activity made to improve the company’s business development is a form of performance or performance. Employees have a very important role in the success and development of the company.

In this case, the company must be able to monitor the performance of every employee whether they have been able to carry out their duties and also their obligations properly as well as not.

This performance assessment plays an important role in determining cooperation with the employees.

Understanding of employee performance based on experts

1. According to Moeheriono.

In the book entitled “Competency-Based Performance Measurement” by Prof. Hansel Moeheriono, M.Sc. It is explained that employee performance can be achieved by groups or individuals in a qualitative or quantitative company.

It is adjusted to the authority, duties and responsibilities of each employee in achieving company goals legally, not violating the law, and in accordance with applicable ethics or morals.

2. According to Prawirosentono

Prawirosentono explained that performance is individual or group work in an organization that is in accordance with the power and also the responsibilities of each one who tries to achieve the company’s main objectives by not violating the law, ethical, or moral.

3. According to McCormick & Tiffin

These two experts argue that employee performance is the amount and also the time needed to be able to do activities. While working time is the number of attendance, delay and employment from employees.

4. According to Edy Sutrisno

Edy Sutrisno explained the performance of employees as a summary in terms of quality, quantity, working hours and also collaboration to achieve a destination set by the company.

5. According to Miner

Employee performance is a part of individuals who must do work and also act according to the work that has been given to him.

Important factors that influence it

There are several factors that are able to affect employee performance. These various factors are very important to note so that employee performance does not decrease for the smooth running of business. The following are various factors that are able to influence employee performance.

  • Discipline

Discipline is a very important attitude that must be fulfilled by every employee. Employee discipline will be very much needed for the smooth running of business. Each employee must have a discipline in order to be able to follow each rule that has been determined by the company and performs its various jobs.

The company can make policies that can affect the attitude of the employee’s discipline.

  • Work motivation

Motivation is an encouragement that arises in each individual consciously or is unconscious in doing a job with a particular purpose. Every employee certainly has different motivations.

Som employees have motivation to work to have money to be able to meet their needs and desires. Some others also have work motivation to grab a high position.

  • Compensation or incentives

Compensation or incentives can almost certainly affect employee performance. This compensation can be given to employees in a bonus form that is able to improve employee performance.

In addition, hopes for being promoted higher position can also make employees improve their performance.

Aside from being a form of appreciation for employees to improve the performance of his work, it will also effectively spur other employees to work harder.

  • Leadership style

Employees who have a good leader will generally be able to provide good performance. The way the superior in leading employees below will greatly affect the company’s performance and employees.

A good leadership style is by protecting employees to be able to complete every task that it gives to each employee with no excessive pressure.

  • Work environment

Other factors that can affect employee performance are work environment. Clean and comfortable work environment will make the mood every employee calm and become more focused on doing work. Quality work equipment equipment will also make each employee work optimally.

In addition, the company must also be able to pay attention to the health and level of employee security by providing a pleasant work environment and in accordance with employee needs.

  • Training on employees

Training and also education is very important to be able to improve employee performance, especially for new employees and still need a guidance. As for old employees, they usually need increased performance over time.

In this case, the company can provide training directly at work or by funding a learning related to several determinants that are able to influence employee performance.

The way, the company must be able to ensure that employees are able to obtain training according to their abilities.

  • Treatment of companies on employees

Employees who obtain good treatment from the company will tend to have better work performance. Why? Because at that time employees would be happy, more motivated, and more needed in the company.

Good treatment can not only be given with the form of praise, but it can also be in the form of understanding what they need. Like by responding to suggestions provided by employees, or appreciate the life of employees by not contacting him on holidays.

  • Technological development

Technological developments will also allow companies to work more effectively. Simple example is the work performance of an accountant will be able to increase if accompanied by the use of work devices that are able to carry out various financial statements or good financial management.

What’s more, now is the case all things can work automatically. If the company can do everything easily with the help of software, the old way with or manual should be abandoned.

  • Delegation task

In this case, the delegation of the task in question is to transfer the task or work to several other appropriate employees. This is a simple and effective way to improve employee performance. Because, every employee will be able to get the opportunity to do more specific work and according to his expertise.

With a good duty delegation, a manager will also be more able to take advantage of the time to do some other tasks that are more important. Simply put, managers can do two or more other jobs in the same time by doing the right delegation.

  • Strong communication and relationships

The existence of interpersonal relationships in each team member and also the department is also able to affect the level of employee productivity.

By building strong communication, an employee will be easier to understand the purpose of a project that is done, deadlines, and all details of work. So, work can be done more smoothly.

In addition, employees will also be easier to solve problems that often occur in their workplaces more effectively.

  • Clear command chain

If every employee has extensive knowledge of the company and what things he does, they will also be able to make the right decisions at very precarious times. So, work will still flow because it doesn’t need to spend a lot of time seeing the guide.

The same thing applies to management staff. They must always be ready to make an important decision for the company, so that other employees can also get appropriate information to continue their work.


Various factors above are actually able to be used by the entire company in order to improve the work performance of their employees. The company’s management must only adjust it to the condition of the employee at this time so that the strategies that have been built are more on target.

However, in the end the productivity of a company will depend heavily on employee performance. The more happy an employee works, it will also be the better and will also get an employee to stay in the company.

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