Emotional Marketing Strategy for Business Success

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Emotional Marketing Strategy for Business Success

Emotional Marketing Strategy for Business Success

If you are looking for a complete guide to Emotional Marketing as a business strategy, you need to read this article. We will discuss what Emotional Marketing is, why need to be applied to your business and how to keep your marketing messages and branding and your sales increase!

What is Emotional Marketing?

Emotional Marketing is a marketing strategy that aims to arouse market emotions which are used as messages and marketing targets.

In many cases, the aim is to arouse positive emotions related to a brand/brand or company.

But indeed in some cases that lately often occurs intentionally to cause unpleasant or negative emotions (marketing messages like this are usually related to humanitarian or social matters).

Why do you have to apply Emotional Marketing?

There is a lot of research on emotional strength that makes us feel that this one strategy is important for at least your business people to know, both from marketing and non-marketing perspectives.

A journal Emotional Marketing in 2012 from Brain Juicer Labs showed some psychological studies and survey data on the emotional response of people towards various types of ads from the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA).

The conclusion is to understand the strength of marketing, we need to understand the way our brain makes a decision based on several stimulus given. Behavioral psychologists have broken this process into two different systems as follows!

  • Fast system

This fast system means decision-making is intuitive, perceptive, and very fast. This also happens under consciousness, which means entirely unconscious. Unlike a more rational system in the slow system.

  • Slow system

The slow system is an analytical part and is set from a person’s decision-making and what someone thinks must be used exclusively. This is the rationale of the human brain that can help to understand and overcome everyday problems and the dilemma of the world around us.

These systems function to produce associative impressions, feelings, and emotions in our brain which causes us to react to certain things in certain ways. These systems also affect a person’s decision-making, including your marketing audience.

Let us study more how the ability to influence the system he thinks can play an important role to develop a strong and very effective business marketing strategy.

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Not only for the type of marketing B2C, but B2B also needs emotional marketing

Many business people assume if the two marketing systems that we mentioned earlier only affect the B2C market target while marketing B2B is more appropriate in conventional ways that don’t involve aspects of the psychology of a sort of emotional marketing audience.

Research conducted by the CEB CEB Marketing Leadership Council with Google has shown that marketing carried out with emotional strategies is more effective in encouraging target markets to make decisions on B2B. So, the assumption if the B2C needs the emotional marketing technique is wrong.

Of the hundreds of B2C brands studied, emotional relationships with consumers tend to be between 10% and 40%. Seven of the nine B2B brands learned beyond 50%.

B2B buyers are almost 50% more known as possible to buy products or services when they see the personal value (ie the opportunity for career progress or self-confidence and pride in their choice).

But of course, implementing a business strategy that is usually carried out by B2C is not easy for B2B. You need to be careful. For this reason, follow the tips we provide the following so that your marketing works!

Emotional Marketing Tips For Branding and Selling Increases

We advise you to understand basic human psychology, especially those related to Emotional Marketing like the following!

Humans have 5 basic emotions. Have you ever watched an animated film inside out?

Like the characters in the film, the five emotions are:

  • A feeling of disgust
  • Fear
  • Feeling happy
  • Sad feeling
  • Feelings of anger

These emotions are not just expressions/feelings but can also influence a person’s decision-making. By fishing the feeling of your audience, Emotional Marketing can run. You can choose what type of emotion you want to associate with your marketing message.

Love can trigger people to more share

People who feel happy after receiving your Emotional Marketing message tend to be compelled to share the pleasure. The pleasure of course implies a happy customer or feeling satisfied with your brand/company.

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Sad content marketing triggers people to click more

Content that causes negative emotions tends to attract the attention of people. But in the case of this emotional marketing one, it does not necessarily people want to share/share with other people they know on social media or other digital platforms they have.

The feeling of fear or surprise caused giving urgency to do something/act

This case is useful for conveying community service messages or non-profit/social / activism. Scary content is very fast as viral. But you should be careful, don’t get too controversial to make people hate your brand/company.

Content that makes angry or disgust can invite a lot of comments

Both of these emotions can be said to be dreamed of being driven because it needs a very strong message from your emotional marketing. Rarely used by brands or well-known companies throughout the world.

Even so, you need to remember that the emotional attraction in business marketing presents a risk, this is what might be the reason why some brands are still away from this creative strategy.

Excessive application of emotional attraction can backfire and feel like manipulation for the audience, which can erode the belief and reliability that you want to present.

Do your marketing correctly then your emotional marketing is successful with the content conveyed effectively. Next, your prospects wake up well!


By reading the article this time, you have understood what emotional marketing and why applying it to your business is important. Not only that, but we have also provided several tips that can spur your creativity in applying emotional marketing.

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